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Chuck Versus The Sizzling Shrimp

Morgan is looking at a whiteboard that's showing the current sales standings; there are six competitors, and Harry Tang is way, way ahead, but "John" (I can't get used to that) is tied for second, with Morgan bringing up the rear with a big fat zero. Lester gives him shit ("The idea here, Morgan, is to sell...things"), and Morgan babbles about not being able to eat, and see above re: not giving restaurant keys to Morgan. Morgan tells the guys that they need him, because if he gets fired, someone else will have to be the butt of jokes. "Let me tell you something, Jeff. You don't want to carry that mantle!" Jeff's eyes hilariously bug out in an "Oh, shit, he's right" expression, and this may not be the last time I say this but it's certainly the first: Well played, Morgan. Except for the part where they totally ditch him anyway.

Chuck answers the phone at his desk when Mei-Ling calls and says she's looking at him right now. He doesn't place her voice at first and asks who it is. "Let's just say you owe me for ruining my rescue operation. And I've fully reloaded those sweet Army pieces of mine, too." Okay, some of that was non-verbal. Chuck gets to his feet and looks Casey's way, but Casey apparently wants an iPhone more than I might have guessed, if the way he's hard-selling some customer is any indication. Mei-Ling tells him that if he signals his friend, it will be the last thing he ever does, and "by the way, nice mustard stain." Hee. Chuck looks down to see that there is in fact a big yellow spot on his tie, and Mei-Ling then informs him that her brother has only nine hours before the Triad executes him, and she wants Chuck's help in rescuing him. Morgan appears, and Chuck is uncharacteristically unindulgent with him, which can happen when it's all you can do not to void your bowels at any moment. He tries to protest that he just fixes computers and can't really help, but Mei-Ling notes that Chuck has a team watching his every move. "You can help and you will." She hangs up, and when Casey passes, Chuck asks him if he wants a hot dog. Casey swivels quizzically. Chuck: "It's an emergency."

Over at Weinerlicious (I love how this place is always deserted; it's like the library on Buffy), Chuck is wondering if they could get Mei-Ling to defect if they helped her. He rattles off some movies in which people defected -- The Hunt For Red October and White Nights. Casey: "Well, as long as you've done serious research on the subject." Hee. Sarah wonders why he's bringing it up, causing Chuck to confess about the phone call from Mei-Ling, which in turn sends Casey and Sarah scurrying back to Buy More...

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