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Chuck Versus The Sizzling Shrimp

...but there's no trace of Mei-Ling. Meanwhile, Chuck apologizes to Morgan for the night before, but Morgan is graceless about it, and says he's working a double shift that night in an effort not to get fired. Boo-hoo. Jeff then sends Chuck to the storage cage to sign for a delivery. Soon after, Casey asks Jeff where Chuck is, and is dismayed to hear the answer, as deliveries usually come at six. Jeff guesses they came early, but no one with more than three working brain cells really thinks that could have happened. And sure enough, it's Mei-Ling who's waiting for Chuck, as she points one of those sweet silver pistols at him. He stutters that he hopes it's not real, but she jabs it into his stomach and asks, "Real enough?" Probably best to move on to a different topic, dude.

Chuck babbles something about defecting before Casey and Sarah appear. Mei-Ling claps her gun to Chuck's head, and there's a standoff and more talk about defecting; Mei-Ling says she could never go back to China again if she did, which means she'd never see her brother, but Chuck points out that she'll be in the same situation if he dies, and might feel slightly worse about it. Eventually, she lets Chuck go without damaging a hair on his pretty geeky head...

...and then she's showing everyone on a map the spot where her intel indicates her brother is now being held, which is near the center of Lo Pan's mansion. Casey thinks that getting out will be the tricky part, as Lo Pan has his own private army of security guards. "When those alarms go, they're gonna be on us like white on -- " "Thank you, Casey," Sarah finishes. Hee.

Speaking of things that can lay the hurt on you if you cross them, Ellie arrives home, in a good mood because she and Chuck will be spending the evening together. Chuck's cell then rings, prompting Ellie to pull a face. However, when Chuck finishes and tells her that his co-worker "John Casey" needs some decorating tips from a guy, Ellie lets him go, saying that they have a couple hours before dinner and she should focus on the kitchen anyway. In fact, she gives Chuck some of her "special guacamole" to take with him. Aw! And just as well Chuck didn't say Sarah would be there -- guacamole and a spastic colon do not mix. Sarah: "Just make sure to keep it away from Sarah, though -- this is definitely not good for her spastic colon." All right, it was funny the first time, but now I'm starting to get pissed. This job's hard enough without you stepping on my real-time punch lines, show! Chuck promises he'll be back by eight. Oh, Chuck.

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