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Chuck Versus The Sizzling Shrimp

Chuck, scared out of his wits, lights a big rocket and puts it back in the bag with its friends, tosses the kit and kaboodle in the front seat of the Bamboo Dragon van, and hides. When the fireworks all ignite, the goons come running out, and Chuck takes advantage of the diversion to sneak in and free Lee and the spies. Chuck and Lee take cover as the spies literally use everything but the kitchen sink in dealing with the goons, but Chuck notes that no one is paying attention to Lo Pan, who's getting away. He goes and grabs him: "Forget it, Ben. It's Chinatown. Did you ever see that movie?" HEE hee hee. Lo Pan, for his part, holds his head like it's not the first time he's heard that. Very soon, it's over...

...and Chuck's arriving home. Ellie's waiting up, and she tells him she's figured it out -- he hasn't had a girlfriend in a long time, and he's in love. However, it is so not cool the way he's lying, missing their most important day, and by the way, did he know that Morgan's about to be fired? Chuck profusely apologizes, and Ellie tells him he's a good person, and he shouldn't lose that. He begs her to reschedule Mother's Day for the next day, even though it's "ridiculously unorthodox" and it's totally his fault, "but, I mean, it is our holiday, so I think we could make up our own rules?" Aw. Ellie agrees on the promise that Chuck will be there, and tells him that if there's anything going on with him, he can tell her. Chuck takes a long moment to consider that, but merely nods. As comedic as this show is generally, it's doing a good job of weaving these dramatic elements in. In straight comedy, no one, particularly the lead, ever gets hurt. But Chuck, despite being a goofy, resilient guy, is getting hurt, in increments, and it'll be interesting to see just how far that goes. Anyway...

...Morgan goes in to see Big Mike and give his resignation letter. Big Mike isn't particularly fazed, or really particularly anything other than into his Game Boy, and then Lester comes in and tells Morgan a big spender is waiting for him...

...and it's Ellie, who says she knows what she's getting Chuck and Devin (he's already not in the episode; would it have killed you to say Captain Awesome?) for their birthdays, so she figured she'd get the shopping out of the way. Her total is $733.42, and she gives Morgan the credit with a big smile. He tells her he loves her, and it's not even creepy, and then he goes running over to Big Mike to tell him he's not quitting, and he got second place. However, Big Mike had no intention of accepting his resignation, as he's the only "Hispanic" on the sales team. "You quit, the affirmative action goons will be all over my ass." Hee. In addition, there never were any prizes, and no one was ever getting fired. "The competition was to get you bums to work harder. Looks like it worked!" Heh. Ellie gives Morgan another smile, which he bravely returns all, "Looks like I wasted that favor." At least from now on, she's not going to begrudge you all the free food you scam from her, dude.

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