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Two Intersects In One

Here's my big issue with all of this, other than, you know, how stupid it is that they won't just be a couple already: They didn't build up how cute and fun and wonderful it all was in the house in any moment except that one morning when she cooked breakfast. They should have done a little more with that if they really wanted us to feel like she had some deep attachment to that house there at the end. Otherwise, it's just an empty house that they stayed a few nights in, not even as a couple. I mean, as viewers, we don't even know if they shared a bed or if they had separate beds, or if they hung out at night, or what. It's just: mission and breakfast? There needed to be more for this episode to work just a little better than it did (and, don't get me wrong, I loved the episode).

Anyway, next week: Chuck will do anything for Morgan -- even spy on Anna. She's with another guy, and Lester says it might be her brother. Then she makes out with him. Jeff's like, "It might be her brother." I can't tell if he's serious, which is one of several thousand reasons Jeff disturbs me so. Morgan's sad. And then Chuck apparently flashes on the boyfriend, and wants to go save Morgan, but it's "explosive." We see Chuck get into a Buy More car, as Casey yells that he's risking his life (Chuck: "No. I'm saving Morgan's"), and then we see a Buy More car blow up. We are supposed to think it's Chuck's car, but we all know that would never happen. Sarah does yell, "Chuck!" though, so at least she still cares.

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