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Two Intersects In One

Chuck and Sarah are sitting on his couch, where there are lots of candles burning, but absolutely no romance. He's playing a game on his iPhone, and she's reading. She asks him if this is the worst Valentine's Day ever, and he tells her there has to be someone somewhere having a far worse Valentine's Day. Cut to Casey, who's pouring himself a whiskey, eating a microwaved hot pocket, and settling in to watch a military documentary. All of a sudden Agent Redhead pops up on his screen (okay, I would not want the TV that comes with that feature), and he quickly hides his whiskey. She tells him that LAPD just picked up "one of ours," an agent who has been on assignment and went missing. So far he's been uncooperative in explaining what he's been doing, however. Casey wants to know if Agent Redhead would like him to get the agent to talk, but she shows Casey a picture of him strapped to a bed, and I finally realize that he's the guy from the Clockwork Orange homage in the opening. She explains that the last phone call he received came from an L.A. suburb, and that the agency has bought a house there to serve as a base of operations. Casey asks her to zoom in on the guy, who keeps saying something. She tells him it's "salamander," but she clearly has no idea why he'd be saying this. She thinks it might be a code name for his enemy contact. She needs someone to go to the suburbs and infiltrate this network by finding whomever lives there that might be said enemy contact. Casey doesn't know if he'll fit in in the suburbs, and Agent Redhead agrees: This assignment is for a "normal couple," which can only mean one thing...

Chuck and Sarah are watching TV when Casey texts Sarah that they have a mission. They come outside and he tells them they'll have to drop their dating cover for this mission. They seem happy about this, until he says that for this mission they'll be married. In the suburbs. And ... Cake.

Chuck's going through his closet. He says "no" to a "Cowbell Hero" T-shirt and then finds a flannel-y looking striped blouse. Ellie walks in and says he's breaking out a dad shirt. He asks what she thinks, and she thinks it makes him look very grown-up. She asks where they're going, and he says he and Sarah are housesitting for her boss for a week in the suburbs. Ellie's so excited that they're going to see what it might really be like, and she points at her ring. He tells her to keep the wedding crazy to herself, because that's all hers. But she thinks if he's staying with Sarah in a house that doesn't have a Tron poster, it's a big step forward.

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