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Two Intersects In One

In the backroom, Chuck gets to his locker and his grocery list falls out. It's written on Meadow Branch subdivision paper, and he flashes immediately on a sort of family tree that goes from Fulcrum to W.T. Energy Corp. to Lateral Energies Inc. to Teveron Consulting to Holloway Corporation to Meadow Branch. It's all red, by the way, so we know which Intersect is being used. Chuck freaks out, but still takes time to shove his stuff in his locker before he calls Sarah. She hears her phone, but just as she's about to answer, Casey tells her that unknowns are moving on her position. Chuck leaves a message that she and Casey need to get out of the cul de sac because he just flashed on something that's really bad, and he thinks it was Fulcrum. Andy Richter's talking to Casey, who's sitting in his cable truck, pretending he has a cable problem he needs help with. All the while, Chuck's leaving the message. He explains that the company that owns the subdivision is some sort of front for Fulcrum. Andy Richter tasers Casey. Sarah hears a knock at her door, and puts the gun in the back of her pants. One of her crazy neighbor ladies shows up with brownies, expressing sympathy for what happened with Chuck. Then Jenny McCarthy pulls a gun, and they now have Sarah too. Chuck pulls up to warn Sarah, and is greeted by Andy Richter, whom he immediately flashes on: Fulcrum. Then he looks around. Everyone in the neighborhood is in his new Fulcrum database. Andy tasers Chuck.

When Chuck comes to, he's in a hospital-looking room, where people are talking about his blood pressure and whether to give him more sedative. He's asking for Sarah, "my wife." Jenny McCarthy tells him she's not his wife, but a CIA agent, and so is he. He's strapped into the Clockwork Orange machine, though they haven't hooked his eyes up yet. Andy and Jenny are explaining that what he saw upstairs was part of a larger program, and that it told them he has a special brain that they'll try not to damage. Andy also explains that the government gave up on the Intersect during the war on terror, but Fulcrum has kept at it. The camera angle when it's on Chuck is very frantic and panicked, just like A Clockwork Orange. It's almost making me nauseous, actually. Jenny and Andy ask Chuck if he wants to be part of Fulcrum. He tells them he'll do whatever they want if they just let Sarah go. Jenny and Andy can't believe he let her get into his head, since nothing about any of this (the subdivision, her feelings) are real. They hook up his eyes to the machine and say that this will help him get over her, if he survives it. They start punching keys on a computer. Sarah yells "Chuck!" But they tell her he can't hear her. They put sunglasses on Sarah, too.

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