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Two Intersects In One

Casey's in a cell trying to get out of handcuffs. You know where this is going, right? He's wrenching on his hand, and eventually gets it out without making me any more nauseous than the fish-eye lens and eye machine Chuck's hooked up to. They turn on the machine. Sarah yells, "No!" Images start flashing before Chuck, just like on A Clockwork Orange (have I mentioned the similarities?). Casey wanders down a space-age looking hall. The images stop, and Sarah jumps up and runs to Chuck. He is immobile, and Andy Richter says he's toast. Jenny says to dump him where they've dumped the others. And then Chuck wakes up. He asks what just happened, and Jenny asks him if he knows where he is. He says, robotically, "Beneath Meadow Branch subdivision in a Fulcrum lab that was built as part of a secret initiative." Jenny asks which initiative, and he says, "to rebuild the Intersect computer." Jenny asks if he minds if they test his wife next, and he says he doesn't have a wife. Sarah looks sad that Chuck's all bad or whatever now.

Casey sneaks into the room with the computers as they strap Sarah into the chair. Chuck sees Casey as he crawls up to the keyboard. Chuck winks at Casey, and then Chuck tells them he'd like to tell Agent Walker something before they run the test. Jenny's happy to know Sarah's name. Chuck turns around and Sarah sees Casey. He winks at her, and Sarah's relieved to find out Chuck's not bad after all. He walks toward her, leans forward and tells her to close her eyes. Casey puts on some sunglasses, then he hits the button on the keyboard. Sarah squeezes her eyes shut and puts her head down. Chuck leans forward and covers her ears -- one with his hand, the other with his own head. It's so sweet and heroic. I love that he's getting to save her for a change. And in a big huge way. The images flash and all of the Fulcrum agents scream because their brains can't handle it like our Chuck's can. Chuck continues to hold Sarah tight, and then they hold hands, too. It ends, and Chuck leans back and asks if she's okay. She is, and so is he. They gaze at each other with what is definitely love. Casey storms in, high from the excitement, and asks if anyone called the cable guy. This is possibly the best moment in the history of this show, for all three of our main characters.

Casey is supervising the clean-up of the bodies and surviving agents. Sarah's in the Super Secret Spy Lair getting debriefed by Agent Redhead. She tells Sarah that this latest discovery makes it obvious that Fulcrum is perilously close to creating their own Intersect computer, making Chuck more important than ever. His life has never been in more danger. She throws in a "The honeymoon is over, Agent Walker," who replies with "Yes, ma'am." I'm not sure what this means, but I think it means no more fun and games. But what would this show be without the fun and games? She comes up into the Orange Orange and Chuck asks her how it went. She lies that it was "routine." Chuck takes a big shot and asks her to go back to the subdivision with him. She asks why, and he says they still have the place and Ellie still thinks they're housesitting, so he thought they could enjoy a night in the suburbs without a mission. Maybe a movie and dinner, just Mr. and Mrs. Carmichael, maybe have some fun. She tells him they can't go back there, and that it was just a cover. It's sad for him, but for me it's mostly getting tiresome at this point. How many times will they have this same conversation? And also, why can't they be together, anyway? He's in danger, and she's his protector. I can't imagine a couple more suited for each other. Who cares that it will never be normal? Neither one of them will ever get "normal" with anyone, so why not take what they can get: each other? Especially since, you know, they're in love. He tells her he knows, but he just thought... She interrupts and tells him she and Casey have to shut down the operation and asks if they can talk later. He turns to leave, but she asks for his ring back. He gives it back, and they both look solemn. Are we supposed to think of this as a breakup or something?

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