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"Dude, Did She Mean You or Me?"

Chuck and Sarah are at a farmers market, discussing Agent Superman. Basically, Chuck thinks he's alive, but Sarah thinks he's dead and that Chuck needs to put him in the past. She reminds him the doctor said he's fine. Then she feeds him a blueberry and takes off to get some cream. After she's gone, his Intersect flashes on Agent Superman's voice, and then he sees what looks like the back of him go down into the subway. Chuck follows and looks around frantically. The platform clears out with no sign of Agent Superman, so Chuck thinks he's losing his mind. Then, from inside the closed subway, Agent Superman knocks on the glass and waves. Looking quite the villain. I love how seamlessly Brandon Routh went from someone I loved and rooted for to this villain that I... well sort of love, too, but don't root for. Cake credits, for the last time this season. But thankfully not the last time.

Castle. Casey wonders if seeing Agent Superman was "just another one of (Chuck's) Intersect dreams." Chuck's sure that Agent Superman's alive, and it was like he was taunting him. They can't get to General Redhead, who was "indisposed," so Chuck freaks out, because this is a guy who is a Ring operative and who knows everything about them: their families, where they live, where Castle is. Bakula does some quick computer work to find Agent Superman using the subway surveillance cameras: They see him exit the train and go into a secret subway station door. Sarah and Casey want to go after him, but Bakula thinks Chuck shouldn't walk into a trap. Chuck tells Bakula he can't run away; he's not him; he's not going to leave the ones he loves behind. Ooh, burn! Team Bartowski (minus Morgan) takes off, leaving Bakula standing there, looking sad.

In the Buy More's media room, Jeffster! are enabling Awesome's heavy drinking when Morgan comes in and tries to break it up. Lester tries to pep Awesome up by telling him that Ellie's given him freedom to go mount whomever he wishes. Big Mike comes in and says that if Awesome had been doing more mounting, he wouldn't be in this situation. Lester can't believe Ellie would take on "new customers." Jeff says it's his dream come true, because "Ellie is just like Chuck -- but with lady parts." Have fun with that visual. Even Lester's eyes go wide. Awesome's had enough, and gets up to leave. Morgan lets him lean on him and tells the others, "Nice work, guys. Awesome." Awesome, burping, "What?" Morgan: "No, not you, Awesome. Awesome."

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