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"Dude, Did She Mean You or Me?"

General Redhead is in a giant CIA conference, being grilled on the Intersect project. Everyone seems to know who Chuck is and that he's the Intersect. The big important guy asking questions seems to think there are problems with Chuck and the Intersect, but General Redhead says the team has proven to be good, if unorthodox. Cut to the team, entering the subway door they saw Agent Superman go into. They go inside and split up, each taking a floor. The camera pans up to a business-looking building, where the three are now patrolling the halls. It looks suspiciously like the building Ellie's being held in with Justin. In the CIA meeting, General Redhead says that Chuck's poised to become the weapon they've always dreamed of. Chuck opens a door and sets off an alarm, which is when we learn this is the building Ellie's in, because Justin comes in to tell her they've been breached, but he won't let anything happen to her. Sarah and Casey run into each other in a hall, because his floor was empty. They see a government-grade biometric scanner, which Casey thinks they'll never be able to hack, but it approves Sarah right away, as CIA Agent Walker. She tells him this isn't a Ring base, but a CIA one. She says they have to go find Chuck. For some reason, they don't put their guns down.

Chuck's still patrolling, and walks by the window of the room Ellie's in with Justin. All she sees through the blinds is a guy with a gun, and she panics a little, then Justin runs out into the hall, and she watches them fight through the blinds. She finally goes into the hall, just in time to watch Chuck kung-fu Justin to the ground. Obviously, she's in shock. After commercials, Chuck wonders why Ellie's there, and she wonders why he's here. She says she thought he quit kung-fu in third grade. Chuck tries to get her out of there, but she says that Justin brought her here for protection, since he's Ellie's CIA handler. Chuck tells her he's not CIA, but part of a bad organization. Justin gets up then and runs off, yelling for security. Just as General Redhead says she'd stake her reputation on Chuck's success, Justin runs into the room their big, important meeting is, and Chuck follows him in and takes him down in front of everyone. General Redhead asks what the hell he's doing, and Ellie echoes that. Chuck: "Apparently, I have no idea."

Later, Chuck's in a cell when General Redhead comes in and tells him Ellie's being escorted home. When he asks why she was there in the first place, General Redhead doesn't answer. Instead she tells him that all their asses are on the line, since the committee's here to discuss whether it should continue. He tells her that he saw Agent Superman in this building, but she tells him to keep his mouth shut. Then they're back in the conference, being questioned by the big guy again. Chuck jumps up and says the claims that the Intersect is expensive and dangerous are outrageous. He asks who said it, and Agent Superman struts in, all, "I did." Even General Redhead is shocked, as Chuck tries to tell everyone he's a Ring operative, and Sarah says he drugged her and tried to kill her. Agent Superman too-easily explains he was undercover with the Ring and while the drugging is true, the killing part is a lie. Chuck tells the committee not to believe anything Agent Superman says, and then Agent Superman says that Chuck Bartowski is an American hero, and that his mental deterioration is not his fault. Sarah disagrees about the deterioration, so Agent Superman reads from Doc's report. Chuck says he was going to tell her, and she sits down, a little broken. General Redhead runs down some of the Intersect's successful cases and Agent Superman flashes on one of the files she pulls up. Chuck jumps up, "He's an Intersect! Daniel Shaw is an Intersect!" The big, mean General tells him to sit down, and Agent Superman turns it around, saying that this Chuck's paranoia. Chuck throws a knife to prove Agent Superman's an Intersect, like his dad with him last week. But Agent Superman is no dummy, so he lets it stab him in the shoulder, and Chuck's taken away, into custody.

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