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"Dude, Did She Mean You or Me?"

Casey has Alex in his car in a dark parking lot. He tells her it was for her safety and he'd never hurt her. She's like, "No, just forcibly kidnap me." He gives her his locker key and says it's to the Burbank Buy More and everything inside his hers now. She tells him if he wants to be heard, he should step outside the car, so she doesn't feel like her life is in jeopardy. He agrees and gets out of the car, but she runs. He chases her and she kicks his ass a little bit (she got an "A" in self-defense!), then runs some more. He stops her by telling her he's her father. She thinks her dad died a war hero, but he says he didn't and she was named after him; his real name is Alex Coburn. He tells her to trust him, get to her mom and disappear. She runs right as cars pull up, so Casey doesn't have time to get away. The CIA arrests him.

Back at their apartment, Awesome tells Ellie how he was on a mission during that whole Generalissimo thing. He says that's all he knows. But adds that she can blame the CIA for his bachelor party, since the stripper was an agent. "Told you I didn't cheat." Then, high-pitched and sing-songy: "Faithful." She can't believe this, and asks how her dad's involved. He says he has pockets of missing information that he didn't want to know because he didn't want to lie to her. Instead of appreciating this, Ellie's like, "Devon, an actual, legitimate answer exists as to why my father has been missing my entire life, and you didn't think to ask that question?" He's like, "Correct." She asks him to find someone who knows a lot more than him, and then Morgan's at their house. Ellie's not thrilled that Morgan knows more about her family being spies than she does. Morgan tries to give her a "brain bath" of tea, but then jumps into it, saying Chuck's been with "the Company" for three years now, but "all is in hand." She tells him that all is not in hand, because the bad guys have her brother. Morgan asks what bad guys? The Ring? She says that all she knows is that Justin told her Casey's a double agent, so maybe Casey lied to Chuck and turned him somehow? Morgan's like, "Our Eagle Scout, Chuck, turned to the dark side?" Plus, he says, he would stake his reputation -- however weak -- on Casey being the biggest patriot ever. Morgan and Awesome sip their tea, and Ellie's like, "Fine. Then one of you geniuses figure out why the CIA is holding my brother against his will." Morgan says he will find out.

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