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"Dude, Did She Mean You or Me?"

Agent Superman summons Sarah, who basically walks right into his trap. He baits her by bringing up Paris and then talking shit about Chuck's mental deterioration. Then he calls her Sam and scoots in closer. She pulls a gun and tells him he's going to tell everyone exactly what happened in Paris. Agent Superman says he knew she'd bite, and the men he summoned come in. He tells them to take her away, since she's gone rogue. She gives him a final, awesome punch to the face before the agents drag her away. Morgan and Awesome show up at Castle and find General Redhead already on-screen, shredding papers over a bad connection. She thought Chuck would be at Castle, but Morgan tells her that apparently Chuck's being held by the CIA. He hopes she will help clear this up, but there are people pounding on her door and asking her to open it. General Redhead says that they're shutting down the whole project, including herself (she shreds papers the entire time they talk). She says that Colonel Casey and Agent Walker are in custody, but that Chuck escaped and is a wanted man. She says, "I need you to find him. As much as it pains me to admit, you are our only hope." The TV flashes, almost like a hologram, and repeats, "You are our only hope." Agents bust down her door and drag her away as the reception cuts out completely. Awesome and Morgan look at each other, and Awesome says, "Dude! Did she mean you or me?"

In their car, running, Bakula presents Chuck with his Governor, which is all finished and ready to save his brain. Chuck puts it on and tells his dad that he feels better. Chuck's phone rings; it's Morgan. Bakula tells him that a cell isn't off the grid, but Chuck says he didn't get to say goodbye to Morgan. He answers and starts telling Morgan he has to go off the grid and won't be around for a while. Morgan says that Agent Superman got Casey and Sarah, and even General Redhead. Chuck's like, "What?!" But his dad grabs his phone and throws it out the window. He says that Agent Superman kidnapped them all to lure Chuck and get the Governor. Bakula says that Chuck can't ask him to put his own son in jeopardy. Chuck asks Bakula why he came back? To protect Ellie and him. Because he knows that he couldn't live with himself if something happened to someone that he loves. Bakula tells him that if they do this, they have to be smart and not think emotionally, but they can do this: "We're Bartowskis."

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