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"Dude, Did She Mean You or Me?"

It's so heartbreaking, but not in a manipulative way at all, like certain other shows that have killed off certain other major characters. You know, not to name names or anything, LOST! Anyway, this one doesn't hit us over the head with the gravity of what happened, but here's what we have: He told Ellie he'd never walk away from her again, and he won't, but she'd probably take that a million times more over what she's left with. He gave Chuck a final "Aces, Charles." He told Chuck to run, but worked with him because he knew he'd do the same thing for those he loves. He built his son a Governor. Really, for an absentee father, he gave Chuck everything, didn't he? Anyway, the camera pans back to where Ellie's watched the entire thing take place. She turns away and hides behind a wall, in shock and tears. But smart enough to stay quiet and out-of-sight. She is a Bartowski, after all.

Buy More. Alex shows up, hesitantly, and Jeffster! pounces. Lester asks if he can service her in some way. Ew. She asks where she can find Casey's locker, and Lester asks what their relationship is. She says Casey's their friend, and he asked her to get something out of his locker with his key. They say it doesn't look like a Buy More key, and maybe she means a different John Casey because the one they know doesn't have any friends. Heh. True enough. Morgan interrupts and says he'll take it from here. He leads her away, and asks her who she works for. She says the Pie Shack, but he's like, "I have a very high level of clearance," and tells her to tell him what's going on. She gets flustered and says she doesn't know what's going on other than some men took Casey away after he said he's her father. He tells her that if Casey told her he's her father, then he is, and that Morgan would trust that man with his life. He says she's safe, especially if Casey's her dad, and that the store's safe as long as she stays away from Jeffster! He leads her to the locker, using his own key since the one she has isn't a Buy More key. But, inside his locker is another locked wall. Behind it is a bunch of money, which Morgan says Casey must have been saving forever. "We don't make that much here." Oh, poor Morgan hasn't gotten his CIA pay bump, I guess. Awesome interrupts to tell Morgan that Ellie called. Morgan says he can say it in front of Alex, but Awesome gets serious: "Not this." Morgan tells Alex not to spend all her money in one place and follows Awesome out of the backroom.

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