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Project Runway For Spies

At Castle, General Redhead's showing the original Team Bartowski photos of Sofia Stepanova, the running hot girl from the beginning of the episode, who uses her cover as a runway model to work for Volkoff. Currently, she's smuggling smart bullets, which use GPS to find their targets. As they discuss, Casey ignores a call from Alex, his daughter. It should be noted that his iPhone has an American flag wallpaper, naturally. General Redhead is sending Chuck and Sarah to intercept the weapons, which Sofia's going to sell at Milan Fashion Week. She reminds Casey he will not be able to attend after the "Yves Saint Laurent incident. Casey mutters: "Stab one guy with a stiletto..." Sarah says she's packed and ready to go, and Casey tells Chuck how in love Sarah is... with missions. Casey and Chuck mission-prep and make small talk about whether Burbank can ever feel like home to a spy. Casey says it feels as much like home as Darfur or "that cave in Afghanistan." He says spies don't put down roots and asks if this is about the Achilles heel thing, which Grimes told him. He tells Chuck that beautiful women have a lot of baggage, and Chuck should be happy Walker's is just a suitcase. Because, you know, she could have two cases, a carry-on, and a purse (though she'd have to pay extra for the second suitcase). Cake!

Milan. Models. Chuck comments on Sarah's "strapless Versace," and she asks how much Project Runway he's been watching. They spot Sofia, assume the smart bullets are in her purse, and Chuck heads in to grab them. When he reaches out to pick her pocket (or purse), though, he accidentally grabs her butt instead. As you might expect, it's quite awkward, mostly because this is Chuck, who won't just -- oh, I don't know -- MOVE HIS HAND. Instead, he leaves it resting on her butt as they talk about what in the hell he's doing. She tells him his hand is "still touching my perfection." He responds, "I'm not a weirdo pervert, by any stretch of the imagination." She tells him no harm's done and takes off. Chuck tells Sarah he didn't get the purse, and starts to awkwardly explain the awkwardness when Sarah sees Sofia leave her purse on the bar. The bartender picks it up and takes off, with Chuck and Sarah following. He hands it over easily and they find a bomb inside. Sofia watches gleefully as Chuck and Sarah work to defuse it. But first, Chuck tells Sarah he doesn't mind if she won't unpack. "I still love you." She defuses the bomb, and immediately turns to Chuck: "You still love me?" That's not exactly how he meant it, but when it's your potential last words, you should probably aim a little higher than, "You have flaws but I still love you."

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