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Project Runway For Spies

Sarah unpacks a dress and hangs it in Chuck's closet, but he asks her not to do that just because they talked about it. He wants her to do it when she wants to, when she feels comfortable. She says she does feel comfortable, but putting roots down isn't easy for her. He totally gets that, and loves her for who she is, so he takes the dress out and puts it back in her bag, talking about one dress. Which makes him think of the dress Sofia took off while they watched. She put it in a suitcase instead of hanging it up, and they'd seen her wear it before. So they think the chips must be in the dress, which means she'll slip it through Customs with all of the Fashion Week fashions. They must get back before Fashion Week ends. Good thing they're already packed!

Milan. Fashion. Chuck and Sarah are dressed like Boris and Natasha, basically. They spot the room where the dress must be, based on the two heavies guarding it. Luckily, Chuck has tranq gloves that he rubs the men up with, knocking them out. Sarah, obviously a skeptic, is just glad they worked. They close the curtains and sift through dresses until Chuck finds the sequin dress. Sarah takes off her jacket and is in sexy black bra and underwear. She puts the dress on as Chuck comments on how great of a mission this is. She takes off her bra (strapless dress), and gives it to Chuck. Bodyguards show up and they try to run through a back door, but Chuck doesn't make it. He tells her he loves her, and shuts the door, to send her and the dress to safety. Hey! He chose the right last words this time. Unfortunately, though, Sofia's on the other side of the door with Sarah. Chuck uses his Intersect to kung-fu Lou Ferrigno and four other guys with guns -- and he does so handily, as usual, except for a little trouble with Lou's giant muscles. It's nothing a few slaps with his tranq gloves can't take care of, however.

Sofia leads Sarah out into the model area with a gun, and insults her. Sarah turns and kicks her. They fight a truly rockin' girl fight -- complete with ripping wigs off, curling-iron burns, bloody faces, and a full-on punching and kicking session all over the runway. They pull weapons from their fancy heels, do back flips in tiny dresses, and otherwise fulfill every man's dreams: action + hot = seriously: Why isn't this show Number 1 in America? Is there something I'm missing about the male brain? And it's not like there aren't any cute guys to look at for the ladies, because Zachary Levi just keeps getting cuter and cuter every season. Are we getting less shallow or something? Anyway, the fight ends with Sarah looking like the winning model on the runway. Applause! At Castle, General Redhead praises them for their work arresting Sofia and getting the smart bullets.

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