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But just as Morgan finishes telling Chuck how little they'll have to do, Big Mike calls Morgan in and eats a 3D donut while he tells Morgan that he has a special job for him: Taking on their new hire and teaching him everything he knows (that shouldn't take long). The catch is that said new hire is Big Mike's old football buddy, who recently made parole. Morgan's not so sure they should be hiring an ex-con, but Big Mike's not about to start listening to Morgan. Or answering his questions about prison.

Back at the line, Buster Bluth's trying to keep everything in order by laying out some rules: No flash photography, no approaching Charlie, and "No touching!" Then he storms off and a totally inconspicuous guy in a long trench coat, black baseball cap and dark sunglasses ducks out of the line. Nobody notices him, though, because that is the international costume of regular, everyday people who are not at all suspicious. Oh, wait, that's not true. Chuck spots him immediately, and flashes on the grenade he's dropping off. Chuck hides and calls Casey and Sarah on his watch. Sarah says she's coming toward the store, but Casey's there, so he comes to help. They find the grenade, and Casey tries to take it out the back, but all sorts of obstacles stand in the way. Namely: Lester, who's mad that Casey knocked over his life-sized cardboard Charlie; and Jeff, who doesn't want Casey treating Lester like that. Chuck tries to pass the grenade box to Casey, but Morgan intercepts it, all, "Why are we playing keep-away?" It's silly, but amusing, as most things Morgan-related are wont to be. He runs off with it, but runs straight toward Jerome Bettis (aka "the Bus"), who totally knocks him down. I love that they worked grenade "football" into the Bus's storyline. Who would have thought that was possible in this show?

Obviously, Chuck and Casey ultimately get the box back, as the clock counts down. They make it to the back, where Sarah greets them. With little time before it blows, they put the box inside a safe, inside a refrigerator, in a storage room. Then Casey leans against the door and the blast is barely a blip. After it explodes, Sarah says, "Good morning, Chuck." How cute. And then 3D credits. I did enjoy that they made the credits 3D. If only they would have, oh, I don't know, put it on after the Super Bowl. Not that I'm bitter or a whiner or anything, but The Office is not at risk of cancellation, and already is liked by everyone who's ever going to like it, I would wager. There are a lot of people who haven't discovered Chuck.

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