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He's still sleeping in a chair at Casey's place, and Casey's telling Chuck he used a high grade and heavy dose of tranquilizer, so Charlie will be out for 12 to 24 hours. Just then Charlie wakes up and says that jet lag is brutal. He starts ogling Sarah again, but doesn't have time before Casey shoots him with another tranq. Casey and Sarah are going to find the suspect's car in the Buy More parking lot, since it was spotted on camera. And they'd like Chuck to stay and make sure Charlie doesn't choke on his own tongue. They assume he doesn't have plans, which offends him.

Casey and Sarah apparently found the car and then traced it to a location, because they're entering a place that is sort of a too-neat shrine to Charlie while they talk about what's up with Chuck. Casey thinks he has a point about not getting any days off (not that he'll tell Chuck that he agrees with him), but Sarah thinks it's something else since he's been acting weird since the holidays. They find the "crime scene" to be too neat and orderly for a fan boy, so figure they're dealing with a pro.

In the back room at the Buy More, Jeff, Lester, Morgan and the Bus are opening CDs, looking for the golden ticket. They all claim to be fans (except Morgan, who isn't sure this is right with all of those actual fans wanting to buy the CDs). They make small talk about prison, and Morgan finds the golden ticket. They all totally love him all of a sudden, because he can only bring a plus-one. Morgan says they'll settle this the Buy More way, which we all know will not lead to anything pleasant.

Chuck walks to the window and when he turns around, Charlie's gone. He can't believe it, and heads out into the courtyard, where Charlie's peeing in the fountain. In another hilarious rock star moment, Charlie tells Chuck how nice this bathroom is, and that the ceiling looks just like the night sky. Hee. Chuck points out that it is the night sky, and Charlie turns toward him without stopping his urine or anything, asking "Have I made a mistake?" Um, so far, many mistakes. He doesn't wait for Chuck's response, though. Instead he wants to know who Chuck is and where they are. Chuck tells him his real name, but says he works for the record label. He says there was a death threat against Charlie earlier so they moved him to this secured location. Charlie wants to leave, but Chuck says he has to stay the night. Charlie's all, "No, no, Jack." And then says he gets death threats all the time, but this is party night: Tuesday. Chuck's going to call his boss, but Charlie throws Chuck's phone into the fountain/urinal. Then Charlie tells Chuck that if he hasn't noticed yet, he was just asked to party with a rock star. Chuck can't resist the offer, and they head out.

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