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They're in a way-too-well-lit night club, where Charlie is forcing shots on Chuck, explaining that he might be a rum-soaked narcissist, but he's also the best wingman Chuck will ever have. Well, so far the competition is Bryce (stole Jill), Morgan (dork) and Casey (cold), so I think that is possibly, sadly true (unless Awesome has ever been Chuck's wingman, because he would be awesome at it, of course). Charlie gets a phone call from his manager. He tells him he's with Chuck, and the manager says he's never heard of him. Chuck says, "I've never heard of him," and Charlie buys it and repeats it to the manager, which is pretty smart thinking on Chuck's part.

Back at the Buy More, the competition to be Morgan's plus-one is underway (is there a reason it's not just Anna?). The first challenge is the Molly Ringwald underpants challenge, in which someone must present Morgan with a pair of women's underpants. Before he finishes the sentence, though, the Bus has ripped Lester's underpants off and handed them to Morgan. Lester's all, "I'm a man," and the Bus looks genuinely surprised, but Morgan says he is going to accept these. Lester steps out of the competition.

Casey and Sarah arrive back at his apartment to find Chuck and Charlie have gone missing. That's because Chuck and Charlie are busy partying. Charlie explains to Chuck that he needs a tattoo, because ladies love a little bit of ink. He then says, "Whenever I do something amazing -- you know, feed the starving, help the homeless, rescue some emaciated refugee -- I map it out here on my body." It's funny because he says all these things while sort of waving them off with his hands, because it's so clear he doesn't care. And it's even funnier with his accent. Chuck asks him how he keeps track of them, and Charlie makes a feeble attempt, then says his manager takes care of that. A couple brunettes come up and introduce themselves. Charlie says that Chuck's in his band, so Chuck fakes an accent and basically calls himself the Little Drummer Boy, complete with "Rum pum pum pum." The brunettes steal them away from the girls they've been sitting with, and they dance. Chuck stops using his accent, and the ladies don't care at all.

Back at the Buy more, round two of the competition is a Subway product placement competition, in which the Bus and Jeff compete in eating one of those giant party subs. Whoever gets to the middle first wins. There is no drama or excitement or anything resembling a plot, but Jeff wins. That's all you need to know. Oh, and that it's really disgusting.

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