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Love and Spying Don't Mix

The next morning, Chuck's picking up the mess left in the courtyard when Sarah comes out. She says she's listening if there's something he wants to say. He's sure she'd rather be somewhere else, but she says she's good here for now. He says he knows he's not a real spy and his emotions make him a liability, but she says not always, since his emotions helped him save Carina by talking Karl down. She says "It's quite a mess we made," and Chuck agrees, but hopes they can clean it up. She says maybe, but he's on his own with the courtyard, and leaves. He hollers for Morgan, and then we cut to a wall of shoes, which are apparently Morgan's. The camera pans around and Morgan's in bed with Carina, all happily post-coital. Chuck's yelling that he's all alone cleaning up Morgan's mess and this better have been worth it. I'm thinking it was for Morgan. Carina's sitting up rubbing him as he lays on his Star Wars pillow. She says she did it because no one's said no to her before, and it's sexy. He asks how he was, and she says she's had better. But not many. Y'all? I think Morgan is a sex god. Ew. And awesome.

At Castle, Carina asks Sarah again if she's going with her. She's decided to stay (or so she says, but we saw General Redhead tell her to). Carina gives her a disk drive and tells her to watch it. They hug and speak Russian to each other, and Carina leaves. Sarah plugs in the zip drive, and watches. It's Chuck in the vault. He says, "Look, Sarah, I know that you're probably very hurt that I didn't run away with you in Prague. I'm sorry. You have to know that you're everything I ever wanted. But how could I run away with you knowing what I'd turn my back on, knowing what I had in my head could help a lot of people? And you're the one who taught me that being a spy's about something bigger. It's about putting aside your own personal feelings for the greater good, and that's what I chose. I chose to be a spy for my friends and my family and you. I chose to be a spy because, Sarah, I love you." Which is when she opened the door and he fell into her arms. She's teary. The end.

Coming this season: Brandon Routh kisses Sarah's neck. Sarah says Chuck's going to become the world's most dangerous assassin. He looks sleek and points a gun. He fights with someone, and announcer guy says the training wheels are off. Casey says, "Not bad, Bartowski." He dances with Sarah. We see a clip of him in the laser beam room. He is operating on Casey's leg and says, "Scalpel," all doctorly. He speaks Japanese, and Sarah looks shocked. He uses nunchucks. He pushes Awesome out of the way and pulls out some guns, killing three guys. Brandon Routh tells him he's going on his first solo mission, and Chuck, Casey, and Sarah all look aghast. A car blows up. Kristin Kreuk asks Chuck what his secret is. And, I don't know about you, but I could have lived without ever hearing her ask someone that again. Paulie Walnuts. Jesse Ventura. Close-up of Angie Harmon asking seductively what it's like being a world-class spy. Sarah entering a room where Brandon Routh's shirtless and sweaty. Then kissing him. Brandon Routh telling Chuck he had his chance, and he blew it. Chuck punches Brandon Rough as the announcer says it's no more Mr. Nice Spy. The new season. I'm so glad it's back. (Although three episodes in two nights is a little much, don't you think?)

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, would like to try to drink Jeff under the table with his Jail Juice. You can contact her at

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