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Love and Spying Don't Mix

One of those commercials is more of the spin-off, Journey to Vancouver, with Morgan, Ellie, and Captain Awesome. Morgan's driving now, and Awesome wonders where he's taking them. Morgan: "Have I steered you wrong so far?" Ellie says, "Repeatedly," and Morgan shrugs it off. They come upon a giant statue that Morgan explains is a monument to the lost curler. Ellie and Morgan find it magical, and he says if you listen closely you can still hear him sweeping. Which we can, and Ellie whispers, "Morgan." Then they turn and see Awesome's wiping ice off the windshield. They look at him like he's ruining their fun, and he's all, "What?!"

Housewarming party. It's quite a hit, apparently, spilling out into the courtyard with Jeff's "Jail Juice: Highly Flammable." There's even a sign. Jeffster! find Morgan in his apartment and tell him his girl is here. Morgan fakes, "Of course she is," and Lester's like, "Right." They go out into the courtyard where Karl's manhandling her in with three of his friends. Lester's like, "She showed up with four guys. And no beer." Jeff thanks Morgan for making the party a sausage fest. Lester calls Morgan a loser.

At Castle, Chuck wonders how he can help with Carina, but Sarah and Casey say everyone's looking for her, so he's not needed. Back in the courtyard, Karl asks Morgan if this is Chuck's apartment, and Lester tries to say it's VIP only (there's a sign for that, too). Carina asks "Martin" where Chuck is, and they all push their way inside. She tells him to call Chuck and ask him to come. Morgan calls him instead to ask his advice about Carina. He says he took Big Mike's El Segundo School of Finance advice and invited her, and now she's here, and what should he do? Morgan says she showed up with her boyfriend and three Aqua Velvas. Can you believe it? Chuck says he can. Then he tells Morgan not to tell her off, as he's threatening, but to be aloof, which girls love.

Jeffster! are sitting by the Jail Juice, worrying that those four guys with Carina will ruin their chances with the girls from Underpants Unlimited. Jeff says he's been drinking this Jail Juice since he was in diapers, though, and will challenge them to a drinking contest so they'll pass out. Lester agrees that will help them land the ladies by process of elimination. They take glasses of Jail Juice inside for everyone. Carina trips a nerd, and uses the kerfuffle that follows to pour some powder out of her ring into the four glasses. That's handy! Jeffster! try to get the other guys to drink, but they won't. So Jeffster! each drink one as to not waste them. Lester takes a sip, lets out a high-pitched "Mom used to..." and passes out. Jeff says that guy's got no tolerance and then passes out himself. Karl notices what happened and says it's nice how much Carina thinks so much of the ring he bought her. Morgan peeks in the window and it looks all cuddly to him.

Somehow (through a secret backdoor), Chuck, Casey, and Sarah are now in Casey's apartment. Casey's getting guns ready, but Chuck says he can't go out there blasting since all of his friends and half the mall are out there. Casey wonders if he has a better plan, and Chuck says he does: Carina's still alive, so she hasn't given Karl the case so they have something to negotiate with. Sarah agrees and wonders where the weapon is. They hear Morgan rant about the nerve of the guy in his house with his girl. He heads in the apartment and stands up for himself. He tells Carina his name's Morgan Guillermo Grimes -- "Memorize it!" -- and that just because she's a beautiful woman he'd give a non-vital organ to have sex with doesn't mean she can humiliate him in front of his friends. Karl's like, "Who is this codger?" Morgan tells him to take a hike, and Karl thinks he has to be kidding him. Morgan's really not, and he wants him to take his slabs of beef with him. Karl stands up to fight, and Carina whispers he doesn't have time to deal with the dead bodies. Carina asks Morgan to leave, and he says that, uh, no, this is his place, so she can leave. "That's right, hottie: Bounce." He quotes Big Mike at her, and says if there were a Japanese word for no, he'd say it right now. Instead, he'll leave her with this: Sayonara. Ha. He pulls the case out of the trunk they're using as a coffee table, and tells her to give it to Chuck herself. Then he says not to let the door hit her on the way out. He takes a sip of the Jail Juice and passes out, too. Carina says no one's ever said no to her before.

Casey calls Morgan an idiot, saying now they don't have anything to negotiate with. But Chuck thinks there has to be a contingency plan to clear out his place in case of emergency. He asks where's the button to push to make this happen. Casey says, "Me. I'm the button." He goes out in boxers and a robe with a hose and pretends the party woke him. He sprays everyone and makes them leave. Chuck and Sarah sneak in another way. She tries to give him a gun, but he hates guns. She gives him a torch and says to think of it as a bo. Carina and the bad guys walk out. They see Casey, with his back to them, by a sign the party-throwers set up in front of his place that says "Angry Neighbor! Do not smile at." Karl apologizes for disturbing Casey's sleep. Casey says no problem, but then Sarah jumps out with her guns and Casey draws, too. No one drops their guns, though, and Karl points his at Carina and holds onto her. Karl says he should have known Uncle Johnny was a fake by his paint-peeling speech. He says he's having the worst day of his life, and doesn't give a fat crap. Chuck, holding the torch, notices the "Highly Flammable" Jail Juice and tells Casey and Sarah to trust him and drop their guns. They do, reluctantly. Chuck throws the torch in the jail juice, and knocks a couple of the bad guys back enough to get the upper hand.

Casey and Sarah knock everyone out but Karl, who's still standing back with his gun to Carina. Casey and Sarah pick up their guns and train them on him, but he says if they shoot him, he shoots her and he doesn't care. "Bitch has broken my heart. She dies." Chuck says he gets it: Karl took a chance, he loved someone, maybe for the first time, since all he's ever done is shut off his feelings, because they're a liability in his profession. Sarah's in front of Chuck so we see both of them while he's talking, and it's clearly sinking in. Chuck says Karl might feel like he messed up his life by opening up his heart, but maybe he helped her open up her heart, too. Maybe because he loved her, she's learned how to love too. Carina says he's right. She did fall in love with Karl. He lowers his gun and says, "Really?" She kicks him and takes the gun, then says, "Yeah, right, stupid. Spies don't fall in love." Chuck looks sad, and Sarah looks like she realizes Carina's stronger than she is.

Casey and Sarah are filling out paperwork at Casey's and Chuck sits down by the weapon and starts to open it. General Redhead pops up on the TV and tells him not to touch it. He says he was thinking maybe he could flash on it. She tells him no, thank you, she just needs it to be in safe hands, and Case will stay with it until a team arrives to secure it. That is all. She shuts off and then tells someone whose face we don't see that they can't keep this a secret anymore; it's too dangerous. "We need to tell them. They need to be prepared." She asks "Shaw" please, but he seems to just walk away. And we all know who that guy is already, right? Superman!

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