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Family Matters

Chuck and Sarah try to run but barely get outside the building when the CIA nabs them. General Beckman's at Castle, live and in person, telling Sarah and Chuck it reflects poorly on her to have three of her agents arrested for treason in twenty-four hours. Chuck tries to stick up for Casey, but General Redhead says Chuck doesn't know Casey the way he thinks. She explains that Casey's really Alex Coburn, who was reported dead the same day Casey became black ops for Colonel Keller. Sarah guesses Keller recruited Casey again, but this time for the Ring. General Redhead says the only reason Sarah and Chuck aren't in prison is because she needs them to find and capture Casey, dead or alive, to make sure the Laudinol doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Casey's dressed in gardening clothes pretending to trim the hedges when Morgan comes out. Casey pretends he needs Morgan's help with a mission, which you already know is the most exciting news Morgan's heard since finding out his best friend's a spy. Back at Castle, Chuck asks Sarah how the past three years with Casey could all be a lie. She says sometimes people change, and it's hard to know what to believe or who to believe in. She tells him she thought he'd changed, because he wants to be the perfect spy. She knows how much he's sacrificed, but she asks him to please not lose the guy she met three years ago or to give up on the things that make him great. She hands him a gun, but he says he'll always be that guy and pushes it away. Awww. He's still our Chuck. He tries to talk to her about something serious, but she says they should focus on the Laudinol. They figure that Robert Patrick doesn't have the Laudinol yet or he wouldn't have broken Casey out. Sarah says there was nothing in Casey's apartment, but it might be in the Buy More, although Casey knows he couldn't get past the security cameras. Chuck sees Morgan enter the Buy More and look around, and says that Casey would have to use someone desperate or plain stupid to impress him.

Chuck approaches Morgan in the Buy More right after he's picked up a copy of Planet of the Apes and confirmed the pill is inside. Chuck asks if he's planning to watch it alone, and Morgan says he is. Chuck: "Liar. You hated the original because their upper lips never moved." And that, folks, is how easy it is to break Morgan, who replies, "I know! It was just so unrealistic." Chuck asks if Casey asked Morgan to come here and get something in the case. Morgan tries to deny it, but then says this is his first mission and Casey told him he can't tell him anything, and he won't. "I'm a rock." Chuck promises to tell Morgan anything he wants to know about his missions later if he gives it to him, so Morgan does. Of course. Casey's an idiot to try to use Morgan in a situation where Chuck's involved, because if there's anything we know about Morgan it's that Chuck always wins.

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