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Family Matters

General Beckman's still live and in person at Castle, scolding Colonel Casey for abusing his privileged position. She says, despite the mission's success, he'd be right back in jail if he were anyone else. "But, you are not just anyone." Chuck starts to smile. She tells him she's about to give him his second second chance. Casey thanks her, and she says, "Second chance as a civilian." Chuck tells her that Casey's given his entire life to this country and she can't make him start over. She says he's done it before and shouldn't have a problem doing it again. She tells Casey he's dismissed for the final time, and he stands to salute her. She reaches out to shake his hand, and tells him, "Good luck, John." Then she asks Chuck to escort "Mr. Casey" off government property. Casey looks sadly at Chuck and Sarah, and then heads out. Chuck follows him, giving General Redhead a chance to commend Sarah on her work with the Intersect. She says he seems to need her less and less. Sarah agrees he's doing great, and General Redhead says she hasn't forgotten Sarah's request to be transferred out of Burbank. She says there's an empty seat on her flight back to D.C. and they can discuss it on the way. Sarah nods, but looks uncertain, of course.

Ellie looks just as uncertain as she strolls into the courtyard at their apartment. She bumps into Chuck, and he tells her she looks exhausted. She says it's this Doctors Without Borders thing, which Devon really wants, and she did too, so she's going to do it. He tells her USC Neurology has kind of been her dream since she was a kid, and she knows that, but she says dreams change and if there's one thing she knows for sure it's that she wants to be with Devon. "He's the best choice I ever made." Awesome comes out and asks if he can steal her away. Chuck tells them he loves them and Ellie walks away with Awesome, all teary-eyed. In their apartment, Awesome has strung a "Congratulations" banner and apologizes for not telling her how proud he was of her for getting the fellowship. He tells her if it's important to her, it's important to him and she should take the job. They'll make it work, together. So, wait, all of that buildup to Doctors Without Borders and her tearful speech just then to Chuck led to this, which is essentially nothing? How very anticlimactic.

In Casey's apartment, which is totally empty, he works to restore his bonsai tree as Chuck works to pump him up. He tells him this place will be great for civilian life. And I can't disagree: It's a great apartment. Chuck points out his nice chair. Then he gets serious and tells him he can still go back. Casey says the general made the dismissal terms crystal clear. Chuck gives Casey the mall photos and says he was talking about Kathleen, who lives right around here, with Casey's daughter. Casey tells Chuck he made his decision between love and love of country a long time ago, and it was the right one for him. He tells Chuck he has to make the right decision for himself, that Walker's a good woman, and it's still not too late. Chuck looks like he's considering it. Then it cuts to Sarah in a cab. The driver asks if she's from this area and she says no. Then Yvonne's adorable Australian accent slips in as she tells him she's thinking of moving here.

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