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Family Matters

Next week: A substitute recapper will guide you as Chuck tells Sarah she'll miss him in D.C. Casey works at the Buy More and nothing but the Buy More. Chuck has to complete a mission to be a spy, and if he fails he won't be one anymore. Chuck says if he passes, he and Sarah can be together and they lean in for a kiss. The final piece of his mission is to kill someone. He doesn't know if he can, then he points a gun at the guy and seems to have second thoughts. Enjoy! I'll be off on spy missions for the next couple episodes.

Watch full episodes here, then discuss them in our forums. Then see which Chuck character we want to spend 24 hours with!

Has the show stretched the Chuck/Sarah storyline to the breaking point?

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, had much simpler dreams as a child than USC neurology fellowship. You can contact her at

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