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Only In (Chuck's) Dreams

In the backroom, Morgan presents Chuck with their tuxedoes and tickets to the symphony. Chuck says he'll head around the back and meet him at the Nerd Herder. Jeffster! tells Anna that Morgan's changed and is focused, responsible, and driven now. She thinks he can't have changed that much. Ke$ha's part of the Flo Rida song kicks up as Morgan walks out in slow-mo in his tux. Anna approaches him and says she's here to see him, but he says he can't right now. He's sort of busy. She follows him and says it can't be that important and why's he in a tux? He says he's going to the symphony with Chuck, and he'll catch up with her tomorrow or something. Oh, and by the way, she looks good. He leaves her standing there, saying "Wow." At the symphony, they spot Kuti in the president's box, and Chuck tells Morgan to remember his code name is "Charles Carmichael." Morgan's all, yeah, duh. "And mine's Cobra." Chuck thinks maybe he is going a little crazy.

Ellie's at the Buy More buying Awesome all fifteen seasons of ER>, even while she tells him on the phone that buying the complete set is a little nutty. Justin is lurking around incognito, and then finally approaches her. She's surprised he's here, but he tells her they're here to see her. He asks if they can go somewhere private to talk. She looks a little freaked, which you might if someone you barely know follows you back from the Congo. Commercials.

Symphony. Morgan's sort of nodding along to the music, but soon enough he and Chuck start jabbering, about whether Morgan should take Anna back. The woman next to them shushes them. Morgan reminds him they're on a mission so they can talk about Anna later, but the lady shushes them. Morgan says they always talk about Sarah, and the lady shushes them again. On a bench somewhere, Justin's presenting Sarah with a CIA badge, and says he wanted to talk to her in Africa, but Awesome got sick before they could fully brief her. He wants to talk to her about her father, whose work in the world of computers has been brilliant. He tells her there are some very bad people looking for Stephen J. Bartowski (also known as Bakula) because of his brilliant work, including an NSA double agent named John Casey, who he tells her has been monitoring them for another organization. She says Casey works with her brother, so Justin tells him just to keep an eye on Casey. He cautions her against telling anyone, even Chuck or Awesome, who will tell her she's as crazy as he thinks Justin is right now. He tells her they came to her because they need her. "Your father needs you."

Castle. Sarah walks in, and Casey says he thought she was on a fancy date with Chuck, since he left the store in his tux. She's like, "He's in a tux?" They quickly roll back the surveillance tape and see that he and Morgan have tuxes and symphony tickets. Sarah says he must want to prove them wrong about Kuti, but Casey says he's going to kill them both. At the concert, Chuck's fallen asleep. Morgan nudges him and asks why he's on stage. Chuck says he isn't, but then he is, only the room's empty, except one seat, where Shaw's there and tells Chuck he shot him. Shaw says this dream isn't about him, it's about a scientist, Dr. Kowambe. Chuck sees him hold a knife to Kuti's throat. Chuck wakes up and sees the scientists sitting next to the president. The lady shushes them again, and Chuck tells her to put a sock in it. He tells Morgan to stay put, but first gives him his backup tranq gun, only to be used in life or death situations.

Casey and Sarah show up, and see Chuck heading away from Morgan. Sarah goes after Chuck, who tells her the guy who's going to kill Kuti is in the box with him now. She tells him he should have told her and she could have helped. He says he wanted proof first, but he loves her and needs her to believe in him. She says, "Let's get into that box." Back inside, Casey sits next to Morgan and tells him to stand up and walk out quietly or he'll kill him and drag him out. Morgan's eyes go big and he reaches into his coat. Casey asks what he's reaching for, and Morgan tells him he's been authorized to use this tranq gun, though he doesn't want to. Casey just reaches in and pulls the trigger, so it tranqs Morgan. Then they cuddle. Chuck and Sarah pretend it's a routine CIA sweep in the box, and Chuck frisks the scientist. There are no weapons on him, but Chuck flashes on the Ring intel in his teeth. He punches him and a tooth flies out. Chuck says he was wrong; it's Ring intel in his mouth. He gets down on all fours searching for the tooth. Sarah clearly thinks he's lost it, as does President Kuti. His guards carry Chuck out, which cuts directly to two orderlies at a mental hospital carrying him away from Casey and Sarah as Chuck protests, "Guys! I'm not crazy!"

Castle. General Redhead scolds Casey and Sarah for letting Chuck and Morgan elude them and cause an international incident that the president of the U.S. had to apologize for, in Zamibian! She tells them that Doc believes Chuck's condition is worse than diagnosed and that the Intersect is overwhelming Chuck's brain. She says mental deterioration is unavoidable, but that they should know they'll do everything they can for him. "I care about him too." Awww. General Redhead cares. Casey tells Sarah they'll go see him this afternoon, because nothing will make him feel better than seeing her. But you can see that Casey really wants to see him for himself. He's a softie.

Mental hospital, just like the one in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Doc tells him to come to terms with being here, and then introduces him to the other people here, with serious psychiatric issues. Namely Louis, who likes to be called Merlin. He asks Chuck if he's in for something sexual, and Chuck's like, "No, it is not." He says it's dreams, and Merlin assumes those are sexual. Chuck asks if his team's contacted Doc, and Merlin says he's been waiting for his team since '93. Doc says this is a CIA facility and everyone here used to be a spy, which is a stressful job. Chuck looks around at all the crazy and marvels that everyone there was a spy like him.

Casey's preparing weapons for his mission when Ellie shows up. He acts weird when he cracks the door. She asks for herbs for the malaria, and he says he'll check. When he leaves, a door in her view opens, and it's filled with guns. He gives her the herbs and tells her to make sure Awesome takes it with "some nice, warm goat milk." She runs back home and tells Devon not to freak out, but she has reason to believe Casey's a very bad man, and they have to get far away from him. Awesome tells her she has to get the story about him peeing himself out of her head; he was in a bad place, and it happens. She says no, she saw guns at his place. Awesome's like, "Okay, Casey has some serious guns." He says that's creepy, but not illegal. She asks if he believe her, and he says it sounds a little crazy. He offers to make her tea, and she says she's sure she sounds crazy; tea's great. Because she just realized Justin was right about everything.

Casey and Sarah are visiting Chuck in the hospital. He tells them he needs them to analyze some evidence for him, and then coughs up a tooth into Sarah's hand. Even she's obviously beginning to think he's a nutjob. Chuck tells them it's not a real tooth, but has information in it they need to analyze. He says the tooth is the key. "The truth is in the tooth." Casey's like, "Uh, yeah, okay, you get some rest there, buddy." Chuck tells Sarah not to give up on him, and she says she won't. They kiss and she watches him go sadly. But, back at Castle, she runs the tests. Casey's there, too, and they both want him to be right, but Casey's more realistic about it. And ... the analysis says it's a 100 percent human tooth. Sarah sadly says Chuck was wrong, and Casey tells her he's sorry.

Buy More. Morgan finds Casey and asks him where Chuck is. He begs a little, and Casey tells him he's locked down in a psychiatric facility because the Intersect's giving him a bit of a hard time. Morgan thinks it's crazy. Anna comes in again to try to talk to Morgan, but he wants to follow Casey and talk more, so he tells her he doesn't have time. She still looks good, though. She's left standing there, muttering, "Dissed twice by Morgan Grimes? I can't believe this." Chuck's playing games with the other nuts at the hospital when Sarah calls to tell him she ran every test possible, and it was just a tooth. She tells him to stay positive, that everything's going to be okay. He tells her thanks for trying, and sadly hangs up. Then, so the audience doesn't doubt Chuck for long, Kowambe and his men show up at the hospital and ask to see Charles Bartowski.

After commercials, Kowambe tranqs the guard and receptionist so he and his men can just break in to this CIA facility. It's really that easy (let alone them even knowing Chuck's name and where he is). Meanwhile, Sarah shows up at Doc's and tells him there has to be more to what's going on with Chuck, because he's not like other people; he's incredibly special. Doc answers her with questions, all "Why? Because you care about him?" and "Especially to you, I gather?" She wants to go to the hospital t

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