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Chuck Versus The Truth

Casey meets Sarah and Chuck at the morgue. Chuck is not dealing with the whole dead-body thing very well. As Sarah and Casey work over the body, back at the apartment, Ellie is getting worked over by Mr. Stripey. He's wearing a cop uniform and taking her statement about the incident. He asks her several times whether or not Mr. Blue transferred anything to her. Then he asks to take her photo for the record. Instead of drop-kicking his creepazoid ass to the curb, she sits up straight and smiles. In the morgue, Sarah has pulled a listening bug off of Mr. Blue's ear. It was hidden behind a flap of fake skin. Mr. Stripey then fixes Ellie's hair for the photo and plants the exact same bug on her without her even noticing. Those spies are sneaky! Casey has identified the poison that killed Mr. Blue as a toxic truth serum. They send a sample to the lab. The fake cop hands Ellie a pen to sign the fake affidavit. Turns out the pen is fake, too! When Ellie clicks it, it shoots some magic dust on her. She doesn't notice that, either.

Chuck goes to visit Sarah at Weinerlicious. She wants to make sure they are ready for their mission tonight. You know, the sleeping-together mission. Chuck assures her that he is ready. He then spies Rachel Bilson in the parking lot and runs to apologize to her. Or hit on her. Or both. She points out that he doesn't have to be single to fix her phone, but she really likes him, and their vast height difference intrigues her. As a five-foot girl, I have to say: Hee! Chuck tries to explain the Sarah situation, but can't for national security reasons. Rachel Bilson tells him to look her up if his situation gets less complicated. Sarah watches the whole scene from the Weinerlicious parking lot.

The Nerd Herders show Harry Tang the video of his wife hugging Morgan and him telling her to meet him in the home-theater room at midnight. Harry Tang insists on watching it again and again.

Chuck is setting the mood for his mission with Sarah. Think more candles, less fluffing. She barges in and points out that she is just sleeping over for cover. He looks disappointed until she takes off her overcoat to reveal a purple lacy thing. She says it is just for cover, but, as Chuck notes, it barely covers anything. She says it is what a real girlfriend would wear, ergo, it's professional. Chuck scoffs, "Yeah, the oldest profession." Meanwhile Casey has set up his Ronald Reagan photo and his Chuck listening devices. Who wouldn't want to hear a fake make-out session? You know who else is listening? Mr. Stripey. Ellie and Awesome are in their room, and when Awesome asks if she thinks Chuck is going to seal the deal with Sarah, Ellie snaps. She launches into a tirade so honest that she even tells Awesome that saying everything is awesome means it is really mediocre. Oh, snap! As Ellie and Awesome argue, Chuck and Sarah feel the need to talk about their relationship. Chuck wants to know the rules. Is he allowed to date other people? Chuck! This is not HBO, this is prime time! On the network! No threesomes! Except for Two and a Half Men, of course. Sarah says dating is their cover, and besides, dating anyone else would be awkward, because any girl he dated would have to be vetted. Just then, Ellie bursts into the room and spills some hard truths about Chuck's big-boy nature, his animal-shaped hair, and the fact that she stole money from his piggy bank when he was seven. As Awesome drags Ellie out of the room, the doorbell rings. It's Casey in his jammies. Ellie tells him he looks like Dennis the Menace's dad. It's funny 'cause it's true! Casey sends Awesome off in pursuit of milk and then says he's getting crosstalk from another bug. He searches the room. Ellie collapses on the couch and they find the bug behind her ear. Looks like the fake cop gave her some real poison.

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