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Chuck Versus The Truth

At the hospital, Casey reports that the video surveillance showed the fake cop interviewing Ellie. If the fake cop is grilling the doctor, he obviously doesn't know where the chip is. Sarah and Casey are trying to come up with a plan to get the chip, but Chuck is distracted by his sister's imminent death. Sarah tries to assuage his fears, since the medical department at the CIA is working on an antidote for Ellie, but Chuck is rightly worried, since Mr. Blue died in a matter of hours. Casey says the only clue they have is the bug they pulled from Ellie's ear. Chuck grabs the bug and yells in it something like, "We have the chip and the codes but we'll leave them with the lady doctor for now." Casey grabs the bug and congratulates Chuck on his plan to get the bad guy to come to them. Then he says that if Chuck ever does it again, he'll kill him.

Chuck sits by Ellie's bed and tells her that he will fix it. Because not only is he her brother, but he has all these government secrets in his head. Awesome comes into the room with Ellie's lucky sweater, because he thinks she could use it. As Chuck wraps it around his comatose sister, he finds the necklace with the microchip.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Casey have laid a trap for Mr. Stripey (who, in all truth, is now wearing a tight black v-neck shirt). Sarah wears a cheap black wig and lies in bed pretending to be Ellie. When Mr. Stripey follows the signal to the room, Sarah and Casey nab him. He out-ninjas them, though, and pulls two vials out of his pocket to make them a deal: he can either give them the antidote for Ellie in exchange for the codes, or he can poison them with his truth serum and make them tell him where the codes are, and then, you know, they can die. As they are weighing their options, Chuck barrels into the room, hollering about finding the codes and swinging the necklace around like a lasso at a hog-tying contest. In his exuberance, he knocks a cart into Mr. Stripey, causing him to drop the vial of poison. Mr. Stripey grabs the necklace out of Chuck's hand and runs for it with Casey and Sarah in hot pursuit. You know wacky truthfulness is about to ensue. And it does! As Mr. Stripey makes his escape, Casey lobs a crutch at him and knocks the antidote loose. Sarah grabs it before it breaks on the floor. She and Casey insist Chuck take it, because he is the national security supercomputer. He refuses, because Ellie, Sarah, and Casey are all poisoned. Sarah and Casey tell him he has to. Casey threatens him a little. The truth serum kicks in, and Chuck admits that he is just going to pretend to take it and then run and give it to his sister. Casey says he will shoot Chuck, but then admits that he won't really, and Chuck runs for it.

Chuck gives Ellie the antidote and then sits in the hallway and kvetches with Sarah and Casey about how he is going to die. On the plus side, he doesn't have to come up with another five-year plan. Just as he is about to settle in for a good long sulk, he spies the spy's (ha!) tracking device on the ground. When he picks it up, he flashes on Mr. Stripey. Mr. Stripey is an ex-gymnast who blew out his knee and now sells atomic secrets on the black market. Is that what Kerri Strug is doing these days? Geez, life after the Wheaties box is tough! To the hot beats of Britney Spears (really!), Chuck, Sarah, and Casey track down Mr. Stripey to his lair. As Chuck tells Sarah that she's pretty and tells Casey that his jaw was chiseled by Michelangelo, they knock on Mr. Stripey's door. Mr. Stripey asks who is there, and Chuck announces it's the NSA, CIA, and him. Then they bust the door down and point their guns at Mr. Stripey until he tells them where the antidote is. Just as they are about to swallow it, Chuck stops them. He's read enough comic books to know that the villain should sample the antidote first. You would think that point would be stressed in either the CIA or NSA employee manual, right? In Stan Lee veritas. When called on his bluff, Mr. Stripey literally cartwheel-back handspring-back flip-round-offs right out of there and is about to escape (again!) when Sarah shoots him in the knee. Casey applauds her unsportsmanlike conduct. They tie up Mr. Stripey, who tells them where to find the antidote, key, and codes. Before they take the antidote, Chuck asks Sarah the truth. The truth about whether they have a future aside from their cover story. She says no and gulps down her antidote faster than a Jager shot during pledge week. Chuck looks chagrined and takes the antidote.

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