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Chuck Versus The Undercover Lover

Chuck and Sarah extract themselves from the bunny hop and see Casey talking to Ilsa; Sarah wants to put a stop to it because Casey's cover is blown, but Chuck says to give the guy a break, he thought Ilsa was dead. Then a Russian guy gets up on the bar to give a speech, and Chuck flashes on him: Victor Federov, a connected Russian oligarch who's the reason behind the Mafiya-fest. As Casey is asking Ilsa what she's doing in L.A., Victor is introducing Ilsa to the crowd -- as his fiancée. Dun! Casey looks pained. Aw. Adam Baldwin is such a good actor, which you sometimes forget because he's playing kind of a one-note brute on this show. A hilarious one-note brute, but still.

I don't know why it's funny to me that they're advertising a digital pregnancy test during Chuck, but it is.

The next day at Buy More, Chuck tries to get Casey to open up about the Ilsa situation; Casey's not having it, to the point of putting pricing tape over Chuck's mouth.

Meanwhile, Sarah lurks the halls of the Grand Seville in a cute cap-sleeved top. She breaks into the employee locker room.

On lunch break, Chuck continues to press. Casey's like, why do you care about me and Ilsa? Chuck says that if Casey can find love, so can Chuck ("no offense"), and then gets mad and bitches at Casey to keep tight-lippedly protecting the greater good, then, "ya frickin' robot." He gets up to storm off, but for some out-of-character reason, this psych-out works on Casey, who admits, "I met her in a flower market. In Rome. Ilsa was...the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen." "I knew it," Chuck murmurs, then yells out, "It's aliiiiiiiiiiiiive!" Hee.

Sarah burgles a locker and changes into a hotel uniform. The camera lingers on her black bra Cinemaxishly. I understand playing to the demo, but that was kind of ick.

Elliehaus. Awesome went with the washer-dryer. Morgan's not sure she's going to be cool with that, and sure enough, when she gets home, Ellie's pissed. Awesome says she told him to surprise her, and she's like, "You getting what you want is not 'a surprise,'" and bitches about how, whatever cultured thing she wants to do, he'd rather do something sportsy instead. Awesome's like, "It's just a washer-dryer," but Ellie says it isn't; it's about what it represents. Dr. Morgan points out that maybe Awesome goes on all his X-treme adventures because he fears intimacy; Awesome denies it, but Ellie doesn't want to build a future with "a giant, muscle-y child," and stomps out.

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