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Chuck Versus The Undercover Lover

Back from the break, Ilsa still has the gun on Casey. It comes out that she's actually French Secret Service, and she and Casey snipe at each other about their respective spy-lie cover stories, but the unhappy reunion is interrupted by Victor calling for Ilsa from outside. She tells the guys to hide, which they do...under the bed. Victor staggers in, slurs that he wants to start the honeymoon early, and promptly passes out on top of Ilsa, who tells Casey and Chuck to beat feet.

Buy More back room. Awesome has joined the staff poker game, which includes a curly-haired dude I don't think we've seen before, and no Anna. Lester: "Ahhh, the doghouse. Been there many a time, my friend." Jeff: "No you haven't." Heh. Awesome says he and Ellie are just going through a rough patch, but Lester starts telling him something he knows from personal experience (Jeff: "No you don't." Heh.) -- he doesn't need a woman tying him down. Jeff hands him a giant cigar. Awesome wins the hand, then looks on in terror when everyone else gets up and peels off clothing -- apparently it's strip poker. Hee! Awesome flees the room.

In the lounge, Casablanca is on the LCD as Casey lies on the couch, rubbing his forehead. Enter Chuck, needing to talk to Casey. Casey explains at some length that he doesn't want to discuss it, Ilsa is dead to him, et cetera, so of course Chuck tells him that said "dead lady" has come to see him. Ingrid Bergman looks aggrieved in the background as Casey starts out giving Ilsa shit; he softens a bit when she says that the engagement is just cover, and she's been tracking Victor since a series of train bombings in Paris (...of course) five years ago, but then he gets kind of mad again because she couldn't get to the information except by having sex with the guy: "How French. If you even are French." Casey threatens to call the feds and have the whole lot of Russians locked up, but Ilsa knows he won't do it: "That would be unprofessional. And that's not you." She wishes things could be different. He's mustering up the courage to tell her something, but she hands him the necklace and says goodbye. Chuck sees Ilsa leave and looks worried.

Chuck finds Casey at his apartment, shirt open (thanks, show!), drinking scotch and listening to Neil Diamond's "Love On The Rocks." Ha! Casey makes cynical "guess I dodged another bullet noises," and bags on the whole suburban lifestyle. Chuck isn't convinced by this display of contempt. Casey non-admits that he does what he does so that "all those other slobs out there" can have that suburban dream. Chuck asks what Casey's dream is, and Casey says Chuck's looking at it, and takes a big bite of what appears to be a giant burrito (?).

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