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Chuck Versus The Undercover Lover

Sarah comes looking for Chuck, but finds only Ellie with a snootful of red wine, pretending to be all girl-power about hanging out alone, but she quickly breaks down about how she doesn't think Awesome is in their relationship with both feet. Sarah's like, all righty then.

Casey whaps down the necklace, slurring about how it's "a cheap trinket" he bought for Ilsa, and it comes apart and a bug comes out of it...which means Victor heard their conversations, and now knows she's an agent. Casey leaps up and starts getting his stuff together to stop the wedding; Chuck's like, no no no, don't drink and spy, but Casey just tells him to drive and lurches out of frame, calling out, "I need pants!" Hee! But: no you don't (tm Jeff).

As Sarah babysits Ellie, she gets a call from Chuck, who's chasing after Casey. Ellie doesn't want her to leave, but she has to, and when she opens the door, she finds Morgan, whom she hands Ellie off to. Big mistake, since Ellie's all Merlot maudlin and susceptible; she snuggles up to Morgan and falls right to sleep on his shoulder. He tries, in vain, to haul her to bed.

Hotel. Casey and Chuck approach the bridal suite; they hear scuffling, and barge in -- to find three tuxedoed Russians holding guns on them. They're tied up back to back, and Victor drops a little Talking Killer science on them, saying he was touched by what he overheard of Casey and Ilsa's farewell, and offering to send the two of them on his honeymoon instead of going himself. Chuck is confused until it becomes clear that Victor plans to put them all (including Chuck, posed as a "man stewardess," hee) on a plane -- and crash it. Victor leaves to get married while a couple of goons watch his prisoners.

Downstairs, Sarah arrives and scans the wedding guests.

Chuck whimpers that he doesn't want to die, especially not as a man stewardess. Casey has a plan to get them out with "acceptable losses," but Chuck is not comforted by Casey's concept of "acceptable," which covers some puncture wounds and possibly an amputation but no dying.

Sarah, casing the joint and making a call.

Upstairs, Casey puts his plan in motion.

Downstairs, the Mexican Hat Dance ringtone comes from the pocket of a goon among the guests. He gets up to leave. Sarah glares.

Casey is taunting the guard goons, and when one of them stomps over, Casey head-butts him. Fight sequence, featuring Casey and Chuck tied together like a giant kung-fu spider; Casey's doing most of the heavy lifting, but Chuck gets off a kick or two and is like, "How you like me now, suck-ahhh!" Downstairs, Sarah demands Chuck's location from the wedding goon, but before he can answer, the fight moves over to the balcony of the room, and Chuck and Casey are about to get pitched into the pool; Sarah hears the hollering and spots them juuuuust as they go over the side and fall nine stories into the drink. The entire wedding is like, okay then. Sarah boots the goon in the face just on general principles.

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