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Chuck Versus The Undercover Lover

"Love On The Rocks" starts up again as Chuck and Casey surface in slo-mo, whipping water out of their hair in an arc of droplets (brilliant). A drenched Casey hauls himself out of the pool and, in front of the staring guests, gives Ilsa The Look. She returns it. Then the spell is broken by most of the front row standing up and training guns on Casey, who hopes he's "not too late to object to this union." Victor gives what sounds like an order to "strangle them." Sarah starts up the aisle, gun out, saying this isn't happening. Victor: "Who's going to stop me -- a little girl with a gun?" Sarah looks at the array of front-row firepower, raises her hands, and puts her gun on the ground. Chuck's like, eek, this is bad, and all the guns move over to point at him, at which time Sarah moves the gun onto her foot and kicks it to Ilsa while grabbing another firearm from a nearby guest (?). Ilsa cocks Sarah's gun at Victor: "Try two little girls." Hot! Casey: "She looks good with a gun." Ilsa: "[Smolder.]" I hear that, sister.

Ellie wakes up to find Morgan spooning on her, and shoots out of bed, shrieking. Half-asleep Morgan mutters something about having his headgear on (heh). Ellie demands six aspirin, and Morgan reassures her that nothing untoward happened, although he wishes otherwise; they share a hug, which naturally Awesome walks in on. Morgan splutters, then holds his hands over his face in anticipation of a beating, but Awesome absently moves Morgan to one side (snick) and invites Ellie out to the living room to see...the giant TV he installed over the mantel. They kiss and make up. Morgan gets kind of offended that Awesome doesn't think anything happened between him and Ellie.

Elsewhere, Chuck sees Ilsa and Casey walking in the courtyard, and crawls over to the window to spy on them. They totally see him. Hee. There's a little small talk about Victor's extradition before Casey and Ilsa finally share a wicked-hot kiss, which Chuck observes with glee. As she leaves, Casey tells her, "Just so you know: I'm happy you're not dead." Aw, what a softie. Chuck clambers out the window to congratulate him, saying, "So, you got yourself a new special lady friend or what?" I swear I didn't know he was going to use that term, because I didn't watch the ep before I started the weecap. Great minds think alike! Casey says that Ilsa's going back undercover. Chuck thinks that sucks. "Spy's life, Chuck," Casey grits. Chuck tells Casey that at least he'll always have Chuck. Casey's like, that's "great," and heads for his apartment. Chuck, slinging an arm around him, makes the "we'll always have Paris" Casablanca reference more explicit by saying he thinks it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship, at which time Casey, predictably, shoves Chuck into a planter and slams the door. Fade to black as Chuck gurgles, "Or not."

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