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Family Reunion

Back in the present, Sarah goes into their bedroom to get a blanket, but notices the piggy bank -- which still has a worn sticky note on the side that says "Adventures with Dad" -- on their bed. She looks surprised and touched as she picks it up. Then she reads the letter lying next to it, which says, "You gave this to me a long time ago, and I want you to know: I never spent a dime of it. I only ever added to it. It should more than cover the cost of your wedding to the Schnook. I hope now you can have all the adventures you ever wanted, with a man far better than me." She tearfully opens it and pulls out rolls and rolls of hundred-dollar bills. Then she lays down next to the money and looks happily at the piggy bank. Okay, that was sweet, but I do actually want him to come to the wedding. I mean, we can't have Bakula there, so we should at least get Gary Cole. No new Chuck next week. See you on May 2.

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