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Chuck Versus The Wookie

...and then he's telling the UnderNerds about the whole thing. Chuck has to rain on his parade by mentioning that she called him "Martin" instead of Morgan, but Morgan thinks that was no big deal. I certainly believe he's been called a lot worse by Elie alone. A Harry Tang alert is called, sending Morgan scurrying away; once he's gone, Lester asks Chuck how Chuck's supposed to get "any female friction with [Morgan] third-wheeling [him] all the time?" Despite what certain online dictionaries may say, the correct expression is "fifth wheel," Lester. I know Sars really likes this show, but she is pissed at you right now for that Dawson's-esque fuck-up. Chuck, however, focuses on another issue, asking if Lester couldn't just say "sex" instead of "female friction." Lester: "I could, it's lacks...flavor." Heh.

When Sarah won't tell Carina Chuck's real deal, Carina expresses her condolences about Bryce, and basically tells us that Sarah was his girlfriend. Carina then goes to talk to Chuck herself, and Sarah is stopped from following by her boss, who tells her he needs two eyes on the rotating hot dog machine. Heh, but I have the feeling it's going to be your two eyes stuck on the ends of the little metal things, Geek Boy. Over at Buy More, Morgan and his poor, pathetic hopes of Getting Some From Mini Anden (the supermodel who plays Carina) get in her way at first, but Chuck sees her. However, Sarah catches up to Carina, and while the two of them talk, Morgan asks Chuck to fix him up with Carina. Chuck thinks that is an nth-degree bad idea, but Morgan tells him that if he can get Sarah, just about anything's possible. Lester nods sagely, prompting Chuck to give him a hilariously put out "WTF?" face. Even though Chuck is really way too cute for Morgan's statement to be true, Zachary Levi completely sold that. Anyway, Morgan cajoles Chuck enough that he gives in, which is how I'm thinking they got to be friends. He goes over to interrupt the slow claw-measuring that's going on between Carina and Sarah and pulls Sarah away; he urges her to say no before relaying Morgan's request for her to set him up with Carina. Sarah, however, seeing an opportunity to piss off her rival, gets a big smile on her face and says that's a great idea, flummoxing poor Chuck. I think he's thinking that he wants the two hot girls to himself, but Chuck, I feel like I have to tell you that I really don't think you can handle them. Not that Morgan can remotely handle Carina, but that is not your problem. Anyway, Sarah tells Carina that in order to protect Chuck's cover, she's going on a double date with Morgan. Carina is unfazed, showing that you really do have to be brave to be a spy.

Back at Chuck's, Carina is telling Sarah and Chuck (but really Sarah; this entire scene is a veiled catfight between them) that they're the cutest couple ever. Carina then asks how they met, and when Morgan relates the story of Sarah coming into the store with the broken cell phone, Carina double-meanings, "A lot of people who meet at work end up dating." Ouch, Carina, given that you were just consoling Sarah on Bryce's death, that shit hurts. On the other hand, we might as well start getting her ready for the revelation that Casey killed her boyfriend. Anyway, Sarah doesn't take the bait and suggests they watch a movie, but Morgan wants to get to know Carina. Carina tells him he's so cute, and amazingly, Morgan retains his powers of speech.

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