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Chuck Versus The Wookie

When the boys retire to the kitchen to get the Domino's (I love that stuff too, but I hope two nights in a row isn't indicative of your normal diet), Sarah asks what Carina's doing, but Carina says she's just giving the kid a thrill. "This place is like...if a yawn could yawn." Heh. Sarah, however, says she's good there. Cut to them watching March Of The Penguins; Morgan keeps hitting on Carina, to Chuck's dismay, and when Morgan asks where the last place Carina traveled to was, Chuck snaps that it was Argentina.

Later, Chuck is in bed and gets woken up by his phone -- it's Morgan, in Chuck's courtyard, asking if Carina has called yet. Come on, dude. I know you've probably never been laid, but it's 4 AM. If it's that urgent, hit up the twenty-four-hour drugstore for some Astroglide and then go to sleep like the rest of us. After Chuck hangs up on Morgan twice, his phone rings again, and he chews Morgan out, only to follow up with this: "And hello to you too, ma'am. Yes, I am the on-call Nerd Herder for all Nerd Herd computer emergencies." Damn, that is beat action, there. I mean, doctors have to do this too, but they make slightly more than eleven bucks an hour. Chuck asks what her room number is...

...and then he's knocking on a hotel door, which is answered by...Carina. That's of course pretty predictable, but I can forgive it, because it lets me see exactly how far Chuck is capable of bugging out his eyes. Inside, Carina pours some champagne as Chuck holds up his Nerd Herd briefcase like he's warding off an evil spirit. If that's normal behavior for you, Chuck, it explains a lot of your lack of female friction. Carina tells him she doesn't have a computer. You see, she lied to get him over there, as she knows he's really an agent -- only people with a G-6 clearance or higher know about Argentina. She takes off her robe to reveal a red bra and panties and starts her dance of seduction before spilling that Bryce was Sarah's boyfriend. Chuck trades one Error 404 for another.

In Wienerlicious, Sarah is brightly outlining how the mission is going to go down as Chuck stares glumly at a hot dog on a stick. Yup, after Domino's, those things just don't do it for me either. Chuck, however, is brooding about the Bryce revelation, and Sarah notices his lack of affect. But when Sarah tells him to stick close to her, as Carina can't be trusted, Chuck jumps to entirely the wrong conclusion, thinking that she was lying about Bryce. When Sarah learns about Chuck's rendezvous with Carina the night before, she gets serious and asks what Carina told him; Chuck goes from ecstatic to nervous to devastated, as Sarah's unable to lie to him about the Bryce revelation. Sarah's boss bugs her to get back to work, prompting her to make a thinly veiled threat about accidents in the kitchen. She sits back down and tells Chuck that her relationship with Bryce was "complicated." Chuck: "I thought you were supposed to be good at lying." Wow, for being in a fake relationship, Chuck does "hot nerd with hurt feelings" awfully convincingly.

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