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Chuck Versus The Wookie

Malibu! Sun, pool, lots of chicks in bathing suits -- you know the drill. Chuck looks the part in a white cotton sport jacket over black t-shirt; he's hanging with Carina, who tells him that he's probably heard she takes risks, but what he might not know is that she's about the best around, and he can trust her. She points out Alahi, whom Chuck calls "Senor Wookiee" due to the amazing carpeting he has all over his body. Hey, Chuck, given that you've already been called Han Solo, you may end up flying the Millenium Falcon around the galaxy with Hairy Hugh Hefner over there. Carina sends Chuck to get a drink, and he passes by Sarah without a word. Maybe I'm way off, but I don't think that's part of their cover. Sarah relays her recon work to Carina, but then asks why she told Chuck about Bryce. Carina tells her they're on a mission: "Try keeping your private life and work life separate for a change." Says the woman who traumatized Casey so much that he's barely in this episode. Sarah goes over to Chuck and asks if they're okay; he unconvincingly says yes, and then gives her some recon work of his own about the security cameras, only it didn't come from his brain. "They sell them at the spy shop in the Buy More plaza." Hee. Nerds can be hot. And they can be Morgan.

Oh, there's Casey! He's dressed up like a chauffeur, and some big bouncer-looking guy asks him for a light. Casey intones that smoking can be hazardous to one's health. The guy walks away, and Casey adds, "Pick up a paper. From the sixties." I see Casey watches Mad Men too.

Carina leads Sarah and Chuck into an unguarded area. Chuck: "So I guess if this was you and Bryce, you'd be sneaking into the bedroom, huh, Sarah?" I feel like Chuck's going through his own version of the stages of grief here, and he's up to "being bitchy." I kind of hope he stays stuck on this one for a while. Carina uses some electronic codebreaker to get into the room where the diamond is displayed, but it's only a few seconds after that when Alahi and two armed guards appear. Alahi asks if they like his diamond, and Sarah ditzes that yes, they do! Spy training or no, I'm thinking she won't be able to sell that line if he asks her about his Speedo. But Sarah sells the ditz persona with the aid of a flat Midwestern accent, and when Carina gets in on the act, Alahi is charmed and calls off his goons. Of course, there's no way two ditzes from the Midwest would have been so cavalier about having guns pointed at them, but I'm too glad not to be seeing the Speedo anymore to care.

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