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Chuck Versus The Wookie

Chuck is returning to Morgan when Carina, back in her masked catsuit, appears before him and wordlessly demands the diamond. He tries to run, but she easily catches up with him using some acrobatic moves; in desperation, he copies Sarah's move and chucks (heh) the pizza plate he's holding at her head, which she doesn't completely avoid and thus yelps, "Ow!" Chuck places her voice, so she takes off her mask. He tries to get her to help Sarah, but she's not interested until he brings up the fact that Sarah saved her life in Pakistan. He hands over the diamond, but says he's going to help Sarah anyway, and she gives it back and tells him to hold onto it, in case she changes her mind. No one can resist the earnestness of the Hot Gay Nerd! Not in my experience, anyway.

Alahi is telling Sarah that he was holding the diamond for "a very grouchy, dangerous friend" of his. I have a few of those. He leads Sarah away somewhere, and his goon blows smoke in Casey's face. Hee.

Carina is choosing her weapons du jour as she tells Chuck that field agents like her and Sarah "shed identities like people shed clothes." Chuck: "In your case, that's quite often." Hot, geeky, and saved me the trouble of making that comment myself. Any wonder I'm enamored of him? She goes on that a spy doesn't let anyone know anything about her. "No matter who you are."

Carina and Chuck enter the lobby; she tells him to carry the diamond and says she'll act as intermediary, and also propositions him. Can't say I really blame her.

Casey breaks part of the bed frame free while his guard is in the can; when the guard comes out, Casey slams it into his face, knocking him unconscious. He gives us a rare unfunny line, so I'm going to cover by wondering if the DEA is going to charge the NSA for the hotel security deposit.

In the lobby, Sarah is sitting in a chair with guns pointed at her from all directions; Chuck and Carina appear, and there's a little dance. Carina then takes the diamond and dares Alahi to get it from her. He points out that everyone in the room is with him, but Carina and Sarah say something to each other in a foreign language, and then they're fighting. Um...did everyone forget that thing called a "trigger"? That was pretty ridiculous, even for this show. Anyway, Carina tosses the diamond to Sarah, but she drops it and Chuck picks it up. Hilarious cut to Casey, who's in the elevator with the handcuffs and piece of bed frame still attached to his wrists. He's managed to put pants on, although I think I already made it clear how I feel about that. Downstairs, the women are slowly winning, but Chuck is forced to run when a goon comes after him; he locks himself in an office and gets on the computer, and when the goon finally breaks the door, he finds that Chuck has printed out a FedEx label and stuck the diamond in an envelope, which he's threatening to drop down the wall chute. This ploy manages to hold the guy off until Casey appears and clocks him in the head from behind; unfortunately, in the commotion, Chuck drops the envelope anyway. Casey sees Chuck's consternation and is like, "What." Chuck tries to play it off with a "What?" of his own. Heh.

Chuck, Sarah, and Casey are getting debriefed; General Red and Tony Todd tell them that Alahi's network has fallen apart, and they were also able to thwart a big missile purchase his group was planning on buying. They then get a delivery of a FedEx package, and Tony Todd shakes it and looks at Chuck: "You didn't." Hee.

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