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Chuck Versus The Wookie

Carina says goodbye to everyone, making fun of Casey's four-leaf-clover underwear, prompting him to turn tail and run. Sarah makes a date to talk to Chuck, and then leaves herself. Carina then invites Chuck back to her hotel room again; she says he's kind of cute, but admits that she really loves taking what Sarah wants. Chuck's like, "Who? Me? What? Where?" and Carina speculates that Sarah herself isn't yet aware she wants Chuck, but Carina knows better. Chuck watches her go, a little happily...

...and then he's showing up at Sarah's with pizza, with no olives, which is the one thing he really knows about her. She invites him in, and he apologizes about the beach, and also about Bryce, saying that he always got the great girls. He does say, though, that he wishes he knew something real about her, and begs her to tell him one true thing -- where she grew up, her real name, even her middle name! When she stays silent, his face threatens to break, but he covers by going to get the napkins. When he's safely across the room, she stage-whispers so he can't hear: "Lisa. My middle name is Lisa." At this rate, we'll have all three of your names by season's end, missy!

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