Chuck Versus the Zoom

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"We're Still Working Out the Kinks"

Casey tells Chuck their potential client is here, and Casey doesn't like him. Chuck reminds him they were supposed to wine and dine him, not bring him here, to what's supposed to be a secret base (except for the fact that, you know, the government -- including their enemy, Decker -- knows exactly where it is; there's no way that will ever be a problem.) Anyway, Casey says he took precautions, and Chuck finds the guy duct-taped and tied up in a cell. When Chuck removes the tape from his mouth, the guy wonders what the hell kind of operation this is. Chuck: "We're still working out the kinks."

Despite the complete opposite of wining and dining, though, the guy sticks around and fills the gang in on his situation. Some guy named Bale (a very sleazy Craig Kilborn) pretended to invest his money, but just made off with $20 million. He can't go to the cops because Bale falsified his trading records, making it appear that he's broke. In reality, the money's hidden in property and accounts that can be accessed by a computer vault in Bale's house. Where he has deadly security. They can have twenty percent of what they recover, but Casey wants fifty. He tells their client he's done some digging, and knows he's "scum of the Earth." Chuck speaks up loudly that Casey's obviously kidding. (He isn't.) But Sarah tells Casey Bale's worth infiltrating anyway. She's looking him up, and it looks like he's stolen money from teachers unions, and families. Casey's still not listening. The client says Bale stole $2 million from Rush Limbaugh. Casey: "Tell me everything you know about this animal."

The client fills them in a party Bale's throwing for himself the next night, but it's invitation-only and everything goes through his secure BlackBerry. Chuck spies on Bale, who is a total tool trying to impress two ladies at a poolside table while wearing his Bluetooth headset. Ugh. I almost can't even watch that happening on TV, it's so douchey. Sarah's monitoring the party preparations via satellite, and Chuck points out that he told her satellite was a good investment. Now they just have to figure out how to get themselves invited to the party via Bale's phone. Morgan walks up to Chuck just then and says loudly, "Let's talk house, Homeboy." Sarah, still listening on the other end asks what that was about. "Did you just say house?" Chuck tells him it's nothing and basically hangs up on her. Then he reminds Morgan it's a secret. But Morgan doesn't even listen, because he wants to show Chuck the amazing house he's found. Chuck tells Morgan how awesome it would be to give Sarah the dream life: owning their own company, living with her toes in the sound. They just need this gig to pay out. So, they just need $4 million to make their dreams come true? When they already have a bank account with $42 million in it? Interesting.

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