Chuck Versus the Zoom

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"We're Still Working Out the Kinks"

Morgan looks over at Bale then, and flashes on his Kensington Athletic Club gym bag. He flashes on people playing squash. Not the most informative of flashes in history, but he tells Chuck he just "zoomed" and saw that Bale plays squash, so maybe that's their opportunity to get his BlackBerry and get themselves on the party invite list. Chuck thinks it's a good idea, but then is like, "Zoomed?" Morgan says he knows Chuck used to "flash," but he wanted to give his thing a new name, so he's using "zoom." He worries Chuck doesn't like it, but Chuck says it's fine. Though he's clearly bothered that Morgan has an Intersect (and apparently a special brain, too), and is even changing the vocabulary. Morgan tells Chuck he's so amazing and Zen, because if he had a power like that and thought it was gone forever he'd be a wreck. He tells Chuck he's his hero, and is great even without the Intersect. But the first part of that speech is what Chuck's already feeling all melancholy about.

The Intersect sunglasses are on some little spacey machine with tubes and flashing lights. I can't tell if it's the past or if Chuck went to check in on them after his talk with Morgan, but he asks Ellie how certain she is that there was only one reload in the glasses. Ellie says she's, like, very certain. She says she tried to access the program, but there was no way to update it. She apologizes to him that this was a one-time deal. He says that's okay because Morgan has it now and is doing surprisingly well. She asks him what's wrong and he tells her that the Intersect opened him up to big dreams and he thinks he can't accomplish them without the Intersect. She doesn't think Bakula wanted him to have it forever, anyway. (Well, obviously, since he removed it once, and since it could make him insane.) She goes on that the computer didn't make him a hero; it just gave him the opportunity to become one. She promises him he can do this now, even with the training wheels off. "My two cents." He thanks her for "a good Ellie speech," and she says that's what sisters are for.

At Castle, Chuck -- looking slim, toned, and rather smokin' in a tight black T-shirt -- fills the rest of the team in on the mission: to access Bale's PDA and get onto his party guest list. Notice how Chuck's filling the General Redhead role in this scenario (this will be important later). Their mission is basically to get to his phone, which won't be easy. And getting past the password will be even more difficult. Because the phone will have its own bodyguards, apparently, Casey will be the one going for the phone. Chuck says Morgan will distract Bale's squash partner while Chuck matches up with Bale in squash. That way, Bale will get to know him so he won't be a complete stranger at the party. Everyone else agrees that Chuck can't play squash, so Morgan will have to "zoom on squash," says Casey, and Chuck will have to take on the distraction task.

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