Chuck Versus the Zoom

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"We're Still Working Out the Kinks"

As Chuck and Morgan arrive back at their apartments, they agree they should probably spend more time at the Buy More. Morgan says he's going to hold on to the "T.I.T.S." binder, so Chuck needs to be strong and not tell Sarah the secret. I'm sorry. Has anyone ever in history bought a house without consulting with their spouse? I can't imagine a wife who would be remotely happy with that "surprise." Chuck heads home, and calls for Sarah. She sweetly calls out, "In a minute." Then he stammers about how he has no secrets but some things he just don't tell her. Then she comes out in sexy black lingerie and red heels as New Young Pony Club sings "Ice Cream." Now, I find Sarah as hot as anyone else does (because, duh), but that felt a little gratuitous. Like the show's written by a bunch of uber-nerd-boys who just want to see Yvonne Strahovksi dance around in a teddy. Chuck looks away and swears his lips are sealed, but she'd like to unseal them. Quick cut to her asking Morgan for the binder. Morgan: "He cracked like an egg." He hands her the "T.I.T.S." binder with an awkward explanation of the acronym. She just "whatever"s and storms off.

In bed, she looks through the binder and tells Chuck it's sweet he tried to surprise her. She isn't super happy with the houses, though. She tells him something that she's never told anyone else: When she was a little girl and her dad kept them moving around a lot, she almost imagined the perfect dream home. It was a little white house with a red door and a picket fence. Just like the houses people live in on TV. Cozy, homey, and simple. Chuck agrees that's perfect, and swears he'll find it no matter what it takes. He promises.

Bale's party that night. Chuck's in the van, watching on surveillance camera as Morgan, Sarah, and Casey head into the party in slo-mo. Chuck tells them how great they look -- especially Sarah -- then mopes about sitting by himself in the van. "God, I hope this works." Chuck reminds them the plan: Casey will locate the vault and tap into the system while Sarah and Morgan create a distraction. Morgan greets Bale, and so far so good. He hilariously introduces Casey as Chalmers, his "mute manservant." Bale tells Morgan how excited they are to have him aboard with his initial investment. Bale walks off and tells them to follow him. Casey growls under his breath about how he was supposed to be Morgan's account. Morgan says he improvised. Casey puts on some sunglasses that allow Chuck to see where the fiber-optic cable is and that they'll need a key card. Sarah's on it. Bale flirts it up with Sarah, even touching her butt while they talk. Morgan gets really angry, and tells Chuck it's taking everything he has not to zoom and kick the crap out of Bale. Chuck tells Morgan to think about baseball. The timing with the World Series is pretty hilarious, as Morgan says, "Baseball. Why baseball? I mean, come on, it is so boring. Just pitch the dam ball already. Enough talk with the statistics. Chuck, do you know what slugging percentage is, because I don't know what slugging percentage is. Right? And, honestly, who the hell cares?" Morgan thanks Chuck, since that obviously worked. Bale finishes up his creepy flirting and Sarah gets the key card from his pocket. She passes it to Casey, who heads to the vault.

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