Chuck Versus the Zoom

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DeAnn Welker: B | 1 USERS: A+
"We're Still Working Out the Kinks"

Some guys let Sarah, Casey, and Morgan go, but Sarah wants to know what the hell is going on. She calls Chuck on her headset, and he asks if she's still inside. She says they just let them go; where is he? He says he's inside, but not to worry about him. He insists she, Casey, and Morgan leave. Casey's slapping Morgan's face to try to wake him from when he was knocked out earlier. You know Casey has to love doing that. Morgan wakes up: "Did I do great?" Sarah insists she's not leaving her husband on a mission. He tells her to leave him behind, don't make him die in vain. "Leave! Leave me behind!" They run to the van, though Sarah doesn't want to leave him behind. They see a post-it from him in the van that says, "Push this button." He pops on the computer and says, "Guys, please don't leave me behind. I have a plan!"

Bale asks Chuck what he was thinking getting his friends out safe but staying behind. Chuck says he was actually thinking fast. On the video, he tells them to hit a button on the control panel. The lights go out in Bale's compound, confusing things long enough for Chuck to run for it. On the video, he tells Morgan to disconnect the van from Bale's electrical line, Casey to get the van moving, and for Sarah to direct Casey to the east side of the building, where there's a large window Chuck's going to have to jump through. Sarah tells Casey where to go. Inside, Chuck runs and runs, with Bale's men in pursuit, firing at him when they can. Chuck video: "And, Sarah, no matter what happens, I love you." The van pulls up just as he jumps from the window. He's at least four stories up, but lands on the van. His video asks them to please check to make sure he's alive on the roof of the van. He is okay somehow, so they speed away.

At Castle, Chuck tells the team not to get down, since they all made it out alive, at least. Plus, Bale was arrested, so Chuck thinks that should go in the win category. Or win with an asterisk maybe. Sarah and Casey fill Chuck in on why they're so glum: When Decker froze Bale's accounts, that included the money they transferred in, which led back to the account they transferred from. That means all of their assets are frozen, except for Castle (which, hello?! Decker KNOWS ABOUT. If he's the Big Bad, should they really be right where he knows they are) and the Buy More. Morgan tells them they're still a team and they still have the Buy More. But Chuck needs some air. Sarah follows him out and tells him they'll bounce back, just like always. He tells her he'll be back.

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