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It Takes Five To Tango

Chuck pages himself to the storage cage in order to send the goons on the wrong track. Goon Two asks Casey for directions, and Casey leads him all over the store. Goon Two is not interested in these little games. He pulls a gun out of his pants and trains it on Casey. Casey plays dumb and claims to be just a lowly stock boy. He doesn't keep the cover up for long, though, and he knocks the gun out of the guy's hand, twists his arm behind his back, and ducks just in time to make the guy punch a refrigerator. Hee! I'm totally using that one in my next fight. So long as my next fight is in an appliance store! Casey then slams the stunned goon into another refrigerator and knocks him out. Cut to Sarah sneaking up onto the roof and finding La Ciudad with a sniper rifle. Sarah knocks the gun out of her hand, and they fight. Girl-style.

Cut back to Chuck, who is hiding underneath a table in the storage room. As Goon One enters the room, he looks around and then heads into the cage. Chuck sneaks up and locks him in the room. As he is dancing a victory dance and taunting the Goon, Goon One reaches out and opens the door. Chuck swears that lock was broken just that morning, but the Goon doesn't really care and pulls out his gun. Just then, a microwave makes direct contact with his head, knocking poor Goon One totally unconscious. Casey laughs, "Now that's what I call moving some merchandise!" Ha! Cut back to the hot girl-on-girl action on the roof. Looks like the ladies went to the same training school, because they keep matching moves. Sarah almost gets impaled on an old-school television antenna. Which is another good reason to move to satellite. She breaks free and, using her handcuffs as brass knuckles, she takes out La Ciudad. She cuffs her to something and tells her to "hang there." That may have been a joke, but I don't get it.

Morgan is calling Chuck's name over and over again on the store intercom. Chuck walks up to Morgan and says, "What?" Morgan just was playing. He loves the intercom and suggests that they get one for his apartment. I'm not sure what the point of that scene was. Maybe it was supposed to be part of a longer scene, but the editor was too busy cutting back and forth and back to realize? After work, Chuck heads home and finally has that "talk" with his sister. He says that he isn't talking to her because he doesn't want to lie to her. It was the lesser of two evils. He just doesn't want to create false hope over a doomed relationship. Elie sort of buys it, but still looks sad, so Chuck says she can ask whatever she wants. She stalls, and he says she'd better hurry up, because the offer will not last. Oh big-box store humor! Me likey! Elie uses her big opportunity to ask, "Do you like her?" Chuck replies, "Um, duh. Yeah." Elie shrieks and Chuck chastises her: "No unnecessary excitement." Elie apologizes for being a pest and says she loves Chuck and just wants other people to love him too, or some such not-at-all sister-like comment. Chuck asks how she would feel about a brother-sister hug situation right now. She's open to it.

The doorbell rings. Morgan and Sarah are both there. Morgan claims that he thought they had plans tonight, but now Sarah's there, so he's confused. Chuck doesn't know why Morgan thought they had plans, and Morgan explains that when Chuck said, "See you later!" he took him at his word. Chuck rolls his eyes and lets him in. Sarah and Chuck kiss on the cheek. She's battered and bruised, but brushes it off as an occupational hazard. Chuck is feeling whiney and complains that even though he helped take down an international arms dealer, what's the good of being a hero if no one knows about it? Sarah opts not to smack him in the head and instead says, "You know about it, and so do I." They are standing very close. Close enough for Chuck to opine that if they were really dating, this is the part where they would have to kiss. They both agree that they could suffer through a kiss if they, you know, had to. Just as they are about to kiss, Sarah bails. Chuck looks confused and a little hurt. Morgan walks up, staring off to the side. "That is one creepy dude," says Morgan. Chuck looks more confused, and then he finally sees that Casey is staring at them through the blinds. Chuck agrees that Casey is creepy. He looks relieved.

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