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It Takes Five To Tango

Sarah and Casey are talking to their NSA/CIA contacts (oh, hello, Candyman! You still scare the pants off of me). The red-headed NSA general lady says that she is glad that Casey is settled into Chuck's apartment building. Uh, why? Is she going to send a fern as a housewarming present? She then warns them that if this is La Ciudad, they should be very careful, because no one has ever survived an interaction. Huh. I wonder where this is going.

The show cuts to Morgan and Elie in Elie's living room, arguing about Chuck's future. Morgan is convinced that Chuck is just a fragile little gelding unprepared for the world. Elie snorts and asks, "Do you know what a gelding is?" Morgan smirks, "Yeah, it's that weird creature from The Dark Crystal." Nice! It is so hard to find a good Dark Crystal reference these days!

We cut back to Casey's apartment, where the spies are still on their conference call. They aren't sure how to proceed, because no one knows what La Ciudad looks like, so it will be impossible to catch him. Casey suggests bringing Chuck to the soiree, but Sarah won't hear of it. The general or whatever she is says she's heard enough. They're putting Chuck in the field. He's their only hope. Oh, hijinks are SO going to ensue!

Now back to Chuck's house. Captain Awesome sits down to join the debate. He puts his arm around Chuck and announces that what Chuck needs is a near-death experience. A taste of his own mortality. (Gosh, I wonder what's coming.) Elie is not convinced, and Morgan announces that Captain Awesome is way off the reservation, which is insulting to Native Americans. I think. Maybe it's not. Captain Awesome suggests that he and Chuck should go whitewater rafting down some crazy dangerous river or something. Because apparently, a near-death experience is awesome. Chuck demurs, saying, "My wetsuit is at the dry cleaners." Heh. Elie points out that Chuck hasn't said a word (um, yeah, he just said his wetsuit was at the dry cleaners, which is, like, six words). She asks him what he wants to do. Chuck wants to go to his room. He walks in and shrieks because Casey is staring in at him. He congratulates Chuck, because he just got his first mission. Hope you're ready for the real world.

Back at Buy More, Chuck is grilling Casey about the attire required for a spy gig. Can he wear sneakers? Casey explains that they rented him a tux. Chuck doesn't know how they knew his size. Casey tells him that, duh, they're NSA, and they hacked into the computer and got his rental information from prom night. Chuck looks horrified, but Casey laughs. He just checked the size on the suits in his closet. Oh, ha ha. Spy humor. Chuck wants to know what La Ciudad looks like, and Casey points out that if they knew, they wouldn't need him and there would be no point to this entire episode. Chuck then wants to make sure that if it comes to fisticuffs, Casey has his back. Casey most definitely does, but Casey wants to make sure that Chuck knows how to tango. It's really important, and Casey definitely is not joking. He does not joke about tango. Chuck looks concerned.

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