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It Takes Five To Tango

As Chuck gets ready for his big date, the burdens of being in the running to be the assistant store manager weigh him down. Luckily, he has a supportive Morgan, who tells him not to worry and that he will make sure the computers get fixed. Chuck just has to promise that the next time he has a big date, Chuck has to cover for him. Chuck agrees, because that is one debt that will never ever come due -- it's like borrowing money from your parents! Morgan pats Chuck on the back and sends him off. He looks almost wistful as he opines that Chuck has the career and the girl. Chuck goes to meet Sarah at Wienerlicious. I do not tire of typing that word. Wienerlicious. Wienerlicious. They go over his cover story. Sarah says that the best ones are simple and easy to remember. Chuck has his story all ready: He's a Stanford grad. A business mogul with a hugely successful software company. And an entrant in the Davis Cup. Sarah sort of stares at him, and Chuck explains that when he first entered Stanford, that was the life he envisioned for himself. Except for the sailing part, which is new. But his dreams were shattered when he got kicked out of Stanford after Bryce found a bunch of stolen tests under his bed and felt compelled to tell the administration. Sarah asks if the tests were his. Chuck looks offended and says that he is a good guy. So the mystery of his expulsion deepens. Chuck sighs and then sort of laughs that then, Bryce sent him a whole bunch of government secrets that are now encoded in his brain.

As Chuck is getting ready for his so-called date, he asks his sister if she knows how to tango. Instead of answering, she asks, "You're tangoing on a date? You're reaching beyond your comfort zone." She is proud of this reaching. Captain Awesome is proud too. If by "proud" you mean "naked." He announces that he spent a semester abroad in Buenos Aires and totally knows how to tango. He passes this knowledge on to Chuck (after kindly putting on a robe). The editing in this show is killing me! This tango scene keeps flashing between vaguely uncomfortable images of Chuck and Captain Awesome dancing cheek to cheek and scenes of Casey and Sarah getting ready for their big night. Casey dons a bulletproof vest and takes time out to trim his bonsai tree. Sarah makes sure to pack her lipstick shiv. I bet she got that free with a $30 Clinique purchase.

The Nerd Herd is almost done repairing all the computers and saving Chuck's promotion for him. Or actually, they are repairing hard drives blindfolded and timing it! That's not going to get Chuck his job! The Angry Man and his angry acolytes arrive to mock the Nerd Herd and drop off a bunch more broken computers that they have been hoarding just to ruin Chuck's life. It's like the evil girl at my office who hides all the purple Post-It notes. I'm onto you, Sheila! The Angry Man notices that Chuck isn't there. Morgan helpfully announces that he is on a date with the hot wiener girl. Angry Man snarks that this does not show great leadership. Sure it does! All good managers get their team to do all the work while they go out drinking. That's why you become a manager. Duh.

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