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It Takes Five To Tango

Despite Nerd Girl's heroic attempts at saving him, Morgan accidentally locks himself in the storage cage. The only people who have keys to the cage are Harry Tang and Chuck. Morgan moans that old computers freak him out. Well, bearded, gnome-like little men with freakishly large hands and overly witty repartee freak me out, so I'm right there with you.

Back at the auction, La Ciudad points a gun at Sarah's back and forces her out of the room. Old Eagle-Eyed Casey notices, jumps over the bar, and tells Chuck to stay. Like a dog? Yes, Chuck, now is a good time to whine. Sarah is led out by two men, and Casey follows. Predictably, Chuck does not stay. Instead, he gets up and looks around the art auction. When he gets in front of the painting of the water lilies, he wigs out and flashes over what happened. An attractive Woman Of Mystery (you can tell by her accent and her eyeliner!) approaches him and gushes over the painting. She asks Chuck what he thinks and he says that the painting obviously has "Bob Ross-ian influence." Okay, who are these writers? Do they live in my brain? They are totally stealing my material! The WOM stares at him and he explains, "Bob Ross? Paints on PBS? Afro? You have no idea what I'm talking about." She stares at him and says, "So you don't like the painting?" Chuck says that he is more interested in the frame. The WOM stares at him as his phone rings. It's Morgan, and he turns it off. The WOM grills him about the frame, but Chuck says it doesn't matter. Handily, a tango comes on. She says she loves a tango, and Chuck says, "Let's give it a shot."

After the first few steps, it is clear that Captain Awesome taught Chuck the girl's part of the dance. He asks the WOM to lead, and she happily agrees. Meanwhile, the editor is getting wacky again, and we spend the next few minutes cutting back and forth between the drama of the girl-lead tango and the action unfolding on the roof. The armed men are holding Sarah at gunpoint, demanding answers. Casey busts down the door, and he and Sarah take out the people holding her. They stand at détente with guns drawn. Sarah demands to know who they are, and they yell that they are international agents. MI-6. She demands to know what they are doing there. They explain that they are pursing an arms dealer, and there is a painting at the auction with plutonium in the frame. They removed the plutonium but kept the auction going in the hopes of luring -- you guessed it -- La Ciudad. Chuck is dirty-dancing (I guess that makes him Jennifer Grey?) when he notices a scar on his partner's neck. He flashes on scenes of torture and a page of a dossier and realizes that the WOM is La Ciudad. D'oh!

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