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It Takes Five To Tango

Chuck rescues Morgan from the cage. Morgan offers to stay and help Chuck finish the repairs. Chuck points out that Morgan doesn't know how to fix a computer, but Morgan states, "Never leave your wingman! Something your team knows something about." Whatever. Chuck sends Morgan home to get some sleep, and then he sits in the storage cage and fixes the computers himself. When morning comes to Buy More, Big Mike wanders into the storage cage and asks if Chuck is finished. Chuck looks up from the last computer and says, "Mission accomplished." Big Mike is impressed. He didn't think it was doable. Chuck says his team did a lot of it, and Big Mike tells him that the first rule of management is to always take the credit." Ha! Harry Tang comes in with beer cans to report a major infraction. Big Mike is unimpressed, but he tells Chuck to keep it out of the store. Then he gives Chuck extra points for style because he is still wearing his tuxedo. Harry Tang is angry. He tells Chuck he looks like a waiter and then calls him a kiss-ass. Big words, Harry Tang!

Morgan sits in a recliner at Buy More, drinking coffee and recounting his tale of woe to...what? Groupies? Gnome groupies? Whatever. Casey comes in and tells Chuck that he did good work last night. Chuck doesn't like the sarcasm, but Casey wasn't kidding. Chuck survived an encounter with La Ciudad. They got a picture from hotel security. A blood sample from the window. They got people waiting for her. Good work. As Chuck walks off, Casey tells him he is looking sharp. Chuck thanks him, and Casey snorts, 'cause he was totally being sarcastic that time. Oh Adam Baldwin, where have you been all my life? Chuck is heading to Nerd Herd HQ when he recognizes two goons entering the store as La Ciudad's henchmen. He ducks down, and Harry Tang is all over him, "Hiding from work again?" Chuck tries to make him go away, but Harry mysteriously says, "When you sleep at night, all you're going to see is Tang in your face." I have no idea what that means, but it is pretty horrifying. Goon One asks Harry Tang where Chuck is. Harry Tang is more than happy to help. He even winks at the guy. Let me say that again: Harry Tang winks at the guy. Who is this Harry Tang? Harry Tang leans over the counter, hoping to trap Chuck, and says, "Chuck, you have a visitor!" But Chuck is gone. Harry looks back, but Goon One is gone too! Meanwhile, in the parking lot, a delivery girl walks by a weinerlicious lady. Sarah notices a suspicious scar on the delivery girl's neck. The delivery girl stops in her tracks, stares at Sarah for a moment, and then keeps walking. Sarah pulls out her phone and tells Casey there's a problem.

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