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Ellie proudly gives Chuck some flowers and says he's "aces," which Chuck recognizes as a "Dad quote," so there's a little taste of backstory for you. Sarah's on the phone again with Tony Todd; she cocks her gun as she heads for the door and asks what to do if Chuck runs. Just as she opens the door, Tony Todd blithely responds, "Kill him." From Chuck's goofy smile, it doesn't look like Sarah has the volume on the earpiece turned all the way up.

So Sarah and Chuck are at an old-school Mexican restaurant, and Chuck is telling Sarah how he does in fact call Ellie's boyfriend "Captain Awesome," and it's completely unironic, as everything he does is awesome -- "climbing mountains, jumping out of planes, flossing..." Sarah thinks that last is funny, although when she sees CA smile, she'll realize flossing is actually the awesomest of the awesome things he does. Chuck proceeds to dorkily charm the pants off Sarah, although he does trip a little when he hears that Sarah has baggage from a long relationship that just ended, and he offers to be her "baggage handler." Hee. Of course, the implication here, especially given Tony Todd's earlier assertion that what happened with Bryce wasn't Sarah's fault, is that Sarah and Bryce were involved. Also, the fact that she refers to her ex as "Bruce" is another possible clue. Jeez, Sarah, you're supposed to be a spy, and you were only half a step away from calling him "Ice-Bray." Chuck, for his part, starts to talk about his ex, but remembers his sister's advice and cutely reins it in, prompting Sarah to tell him she likes him. Aw! Just don't make any sudden grabs for her, Chuck -- you're likely to puncture an organ.

Later, Chuck and Sarah are figuring out what to do next while crossing an overpass when Chuck looks at the traffic and gets another jumble of images. He recovers quickly, though, and they head off. Unfortunately, they pass by Casey, who's got a couple of flunkies in the car with him; he tells them until they find out what "Chuck Bartowski" knows, he lives, but they're welcome to kill "the CIA skirt." Is this because she called you a burnout? How was she supposed to know you watch dailies?

In a music venue, Chuck and Sarah sit down and grin goofily at each other. We see the two henchsuits enter, and Sarah catches sight of them; her smile fades as she does some quick thinking and hastily leads Chuck to the dance floor in spite of his obvious terror. She uses some slinky dance moves to cover her drawing one of her knives, which she throws at one of the suits, pinning his jacket to a bulletin board. Heh. More suits are appearing, and Sarah next takes the two long knitting-needle-esque things out of her hair. Chuck's too mesmerized by Sarah's blonde locks cascading around her shoulders to notice where the needles end up, which is in a leg of each of two different suits. She then grabs Chuck's ass, which makes him completely unaware of anything, even the fact that she stabs another agent in the gut and kicks him to the ground. She slides through Chuck's legs and swings herself up, but Casey is now on the scene watching with an evil smile, so she hustles Chuck out of there...

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