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...and on the street, she asks for his keys. When he starts to babble about only Nerds driving the Nerd Herd car (and it says "Nerd Herd" on it, and I have to admit that's kind of secretly awesome) she produces some sort of skeleton key and opens it, and when he starts to realize from the black Jeep hurtling toward them that they're in trouble, he hops in. Sarah drives in reverse at high speed for quite an impressive length of time, enduring Casey bumping her on a number of occasions, but after a "my left/your left" mix-up, Sarah backs the car down several flights of stairs somewhere. When they safely land, Sarah comes clean about the pursuers being from the NSA, but before Chuck can really take that in, Casey and his remaining two people hurtle out of nowhere and ram them, which deploys the airbags. Sarah gets Chuck out, but as they run, Chuck trips over some wreckage from the car and loses Sarah's hand. She turns, and the car comes straight for her. However, she's standing right in front of a security booth with an "Emergency Blockage" button, and she grabs one of her knives and throws it into the button, which sends up the barrier in time to smash the car into a crumpled wreck. I hope they had passenger airbags too, not just because I don't want to see Adam Baldwin gone already, but because the NSA will look awfully shitty if they were too cheap to install a feature the Nerd Herd wasn't. Sarah calls for emergency air evacuation (although Tony Todd told her she was on her own with this one, it should be pointed out) and hurries Chuck away.

As Sarah and Chuck reach a roof on which a helicopter can land, she's telling him about Bryce being a rogue spy, and Chuck in turn tells her about Bryce's email, and confesses he looked at the pictures. There's a subtle shift as she softly warns him she may have to point her gun at him, and he shouldn't freak out, and then Casey appears, a trickle of blood on his forehead, and asks if they can get this over with. He tries to claim Chuck for the NSA, but Sarah points her gun at Chuck and says she'll kill him first. Casey in turn trains his piece on Sarah. Chuck: "Sarah? I'm freaking out!' Hee.

Still freaking, Chuck runs for the edge of the roof, but sees the images again, the most prominent ones being this dude in a general's uniform we've seen before, the guy that scared Chuck in the store, explosives that end up detonating spectacularly, and that damned pie. Forget Chuck -- now I'm getting hungry. Chuck tells them that "General Stanfield, the NATO guy"'s life is in danger; also, he knows things he shouldn't, like how there was a "Serbian demolitions expert" at the "Large Mart" earlier that day. Chuck goes on that the CIA found schematics of a bomb in Prague, the NSA found blueprints of a hotel nearby -- and the bomb is in the hotel. This revelation causes Casey to turn his gun on Chuck, thinking he was working with Bryce, while Sarah then swivels to point at Casey, explaining that Chuck opened Bryce's email. Sarah adds that the pictures Chuck saw were encoded with secrets, and now Chuck knows them all. Casey points his laser sight as Chuck's head as he remarks that all their secrets are in his head, and Chuck hilariously looks up at his forehead as he realizes that this is the very first PowerPoint presentation he has not thoroughly enjoyed. Sarah says that Chuck's brain is the computer now. Okay, yes, that's the most preposterous assertion in a host of ridiculous developments, but this show is basically a comedy, or at least is starting out as one, so I'm going to go with it. Casey and Sarah ask where the bomb is, but Chuck's computer brain stays in Error 404 mode until Sarah informs him that Bryce is dead. Casey again asks if there's time to defuse the bomb, but Chuck tells him the general is already on stage...

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