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...and we get confirmation of that, as the guy is blathering on, while in the back, the scary red-haired dude is pushing a cart with a silver cover over it. I know they play music at the Academy Awards if your speech runs over, but this seems a little excessive.

Chuck and the two agents come into the hotel at a dead run, but Sarah pauses to say they can't risk taking Chuck in, as he's too valuable. Casey agrees, but Chuck darts away from them, and soon they're in the crowded event room. Chuck quickly locates the bomb, and the agents expose the mechanism, which is connected to a laptop that reads only a minute and a half to go. After an ill-timed phone call from Morgan, Chuck realizes that the laptop is one they sell at their store, and it's got a DOS override. He quickly convinces the agents to let him work his magic, and gets on the internet and searches for Irene Demovar. In a hilarious quick moment that you might miss in the tension, Casey's like, "You're searching for porn!" Just so we know there's a bit of Jayne thrown in with the Hamilton. But the virus kills the computer with .01 seconds to spare, and Chuck enjoys his moment of badassery until he realizes how close he came to being in a million little pieces. Casey: "Don't puke on the C4." Ha!

Casey and Sarah have an argument over who's getting custody of Chuck. Mom and Dad, please don't fight! Chuck overhears a bit of this, and insists they leave his family and friends out of the equation. He realizes that the agents need him, and with that, declares his intention to go home. The next morning, Chuck is sitting on the beach in the early sun when Sarah finds him; she tells him she's been there all night, which means he didn't go home. Liar! Chuck ruefully notes there's nowhere he can run, and says he can't figure out why Bryce chose him for this. He asks what happens now, and Sarah tells him he'll go back to his life, and they'll protect him while he works with them. This scene is cut with Chuck arriving home to have Ellie and Morgan animatedly chide him for making them worry. Sarah tells Chuck to keep his family and friends in the dark, and then Captain Awesome comes out in his scrubs on his way to work and stops to participate in the group hug going on in the living room, which he calls "awesome." Hee. Sarah asks Chuck to trust her. We see a shot of her back in her hotel looking at camera-photos of Bryce with tears in her eyes, and then she and Chuck sort of smile at each other. The episode ends with Chuck having a hilarious slo-mo face-off with his work rival, Chuck applying for an assistant manager job, and Chuck going to meet the new trainee -- Casey. HA! Also, Sarah's shopping in the store, and as Chuck passes by her, he gets some images of her killing some dudes on an assignment. Chuck, to himself: "Don't freak out." Why not? This show is awesome!

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