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Cry Me A Liver

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Cry Me A Liver

Mr. Sotheby takes the stand, where he is asked by his lawyer how the sex was in his ten-year marriage. "Everything was straight ahead," Mr. Sotheby says, making a little forward motion with his fist, "most every day I was able to satisfy my woman." This last bit is said with a little bit of macho relish. But that was then. "Now, it's a dead dog." The man begins to tear up, questioning his own manhood, comparing himself to Bob Dole. It's really sad, and even the wife is crying now. Harris, who knows a hard situation when he feels one, tells Turner, "Stick a fork in us because we're done." Personally, I'm a little disappointed with Harris's first metaphor of the week. Give him time. I'm sure he'll come through later in the episode.

Cut to the wailing opening credits. Angel imagery, Turner's Kufi hat, and the word "whoa" sung more times than you'd hear it yelled at a rodeo. In a commercial, there's these people who are as tall as buildings, but instead of the Rolling Stones, it's the cast of Touched by an Angel. Della Reese: I love you, but you just don't look good 150 feet tall. Not like that Angelia Jolie...grroowwwwllll.

The L.A. skyline and some jaunty piano music bring us back to the hospital (oh yeah, it's a hospital drama) where Dr. "I look just like one of the Beastie Boys" Weiss is attending to some facial cuts on a Jamaican man sporting big dreadlocks. He says he was at a concert minding his own business when a bunch of women rushed the stage and he got "pimp-slapped and ho'd over." Weiss smiles because it reminds him of the Tibetan Freedom Concert. Just then, a multiple trauma is rushed in, with a raggedy-looking wife following. "What you doing to him?" she cries. Let's see. It's a hospital. All the people around him have scrubs on. I'm thinking ...a tax audit? She is grabbed and hauled off by a policeman yelling for "Purvis," who the cop says is in custody. Dr. Wesley "Wussy" Williams takes on the case while Weiss finishes up to assist. Weiss comes over, does not change his latex gloves, and starts poking around all over this man's bloody body. Hey, I liked "Intergalactic" as much as the next guy, but change your damn gloves already! Nurse Patterson and Weiss exchange a look, but because the writers abandoned their on-again, off-again romance a few weeks ago, we have no idea what it means. Weiss digs his hand into something squishy and comes out with a little bit of something gooey. "It's brain matter," he says. What was he doing pulling out brain matter? Doesn't the patient need some of that? How's he going to fill out all those insurance forms later? Williams orders a head CT, sending Patterson off. Weiss says it looks like brain death, but Williams wants to make sure that he didn't scoop out all that brain matter for nothing. Williams keeps the man resuscitated for the possibility of organ donation. Weiss and Williams look at each other as if to say "you thinking what I'm thinking?" "Yeah, Arby Melt!" but it turns out they have an organ recipient in mind.

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