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Cry Me A Liver

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Cry Me A Liver

Turner, whistling happily, goes down the hall and enters an elevator. There, he finds Dr. Lilian Price, who looks different because her hair is pulled back and she's wearing a doctor's coat instead of her usual purple power suit. Turner does a little dance as rejoices in his good organ-harvesting news. Turner dances some more; Price giggles. "Are you harvesting tonight?" she asks. Heather and I both snicker at her quite original come-on. Price stops the elevator (isn't there some sort of serious paperwork violation involved in that?) and tells Turner that since she won't be seeing him later, she'll be taking her sugar now. Turner kisses her, failing to ask if she may be diabetic. The two kiss some more. She moves to restart the elevator, but Turner stops her: "Never mess with a win streak," he tells her. This is exactly the same line that used to get Wilt Chamberlain lucky so much.

Cut to the hospital bed of Malcolm Pearl, whose father is reading him some James Baldwin. Turner, who says he's impressed, is told it's for an English assignment. Malcolm, who looks a little sickly, but in good spirits, is told by Turner that a procedure he was scheduled for won't be happening. Instead, he's just won...A Brand...New...Liver! [applause] "Barring anything unforeseen," Turner adds. Heather says, "This is the worst foreshadowing ever." The boy, who's on his way to Stanford on a full ride, is pleased. Mom says they should take a moment to pray. The boy, who is amazingly centered, says, "[Let's] reflect just for a minute on the man whose misfortune gave me this liver." Oh, screw him, you're alive, boy! And going to Stanford! Mom gives Turner a hug for just a little too long ("I saw your pecs on TV last week," she whispers). The male nurse who's been watching tells Turner she's been waiting three years to give him that hug. "Best part of the job," Turner responds. That and all the nookie. The boy begins leading the family in prayer (Christ figure, much?) and as he begins, the Mother hisses, "Yessss!" but it's because she's still thinking about Turner's buff torso. We fade to black and white on the family's praying and Turner watching from the hallway.

Della Reese again invades my TV set, only this time she has on a purple outfit and her hair is of a color that matches. She looks just like Grimace from McDonald's.

Back at Angels of Mercy, Dr. Jackson and Nurse Patterson are rushing to fetch a guy who Patterson says is a prisoner being brought from the courthouse. Photographers shoot while they wheel in a mean-looking man on a stretcher. Jackson is accosted by a nerdy-looking guy who says he's the man's lawyer. "I'm that man's lawyer!" Lawyer McShyster says. McShyster gives Jackson his card, demands to be notified when his client is admitted, and runs out, presumably to retrieve his dentures from the ambulance's back bumper. Patterson pulls back the criminal's eyelids to reveal that they're jaundiced (either that or the color on my TV is off). Jackson taps the jailbird's belly and says, "This man is sicker than hell." Are doctors allowed to say that?

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