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Jackson is asked to pick his assailant from a lineup. He sees Marvell, but tells the cop he's not the one that shot him. The cops are skeptical, but Jackson is adamant. He thanks the cops and exits.

Cut to a reporter on TV who is broadcasting from the hospital. Harris wonders what's going on. Holy crap! He storms off to see what in the Wide World of Sports is going on. A camera crew is following Williams as he takes Billy to see the recuperating dog. Now, I'm all for human interest, but isn't this L.A.? Aren't there freeway chases for these reporters to cover? ["I guarantee there's at least one high-speed chase that's going without any coverage, because there's at least one a day in Los Angeles." -- Wing Chun] Mike and Billy bond. Mike licks Billy's hand, even though there are no Cheetos involved. "Atta boy!" Billy says, and we are all the warmer for it. Harris does a weird thing with his face where he smiles, then turns away and scowls. Is it Mr. Harris or Mr. Hyde? Harris gets pulled aside for an interview and after oozing charm, he says cryptically, "I have very strong feelings for the doctors involved." Ass-kicking awaits. Harris chews out Williams and Thelonius, but there are no firings and only a demand to get the dog out before he calls the pound. You know, Ron, it's not really a threat if you just repeat what you threatened to do like three hours ago. Read The Art of War or something. Thelonius and Williams exchange some celebratory fist-dap.

Turner comes in on Patterson and family. He asks how the patient is doing. "ERECT!" I want him to yell, but he just says he's okay. Patterson asks to speak to Turner alone, and you know some more male bonding is on the way. Turner tells him the good news: there was no nerve damage, so in a couple of months he should be back to normal. A couple of months? Men, get your prostates checked, pronto. Patterson stops Turner at the door to ask about Weiss. "He's going to be a great doctor," Turner says. "One day." He also adds that Weiss has a good heart and knows how to wreck a mic with a phat rhyme. He asks Turner to bring Grace in. What is this, one-on-one recuperation? Papa Patterson apologizes to Grace for putting her through so much grief. He says he's been a fool, has poisoned her heart and has just been a general jerk. Grace, who's wearing a crazy turquoise shirt, looks on sadly. He says, "Being interracial ain't easy." They kiss and hug and it looks like Weiss is going to get laid after all. Go, Weiss!

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City of Angels




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